So when you are talking about viral ebooks how exactly does that work

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It works this way; you give them a book, an e-book which is very useful. They like that book; they read it... it gives them some value, it gives them something they can use, they can do from it, actually. So, they can produce from it.

But at the same time, you show them to other vendors, saying that these vendors is good; this can do that for you. At the same time, that link is your affiliate link inside that book. So, whatever they click back, they go and buy that product, you have money.

So, that e-book I distributed to others as a genuine sort of thing for them to learn something for free. And sometimes when they decide to buy, they are not going to buy away from my own... you know, affiliate program. So this is a trick actually, but it's not a trick; it's something that I need to do it, to get something back from what I've given them as added value.

Yeah. So could you create your own viral e-book, or do you have to get one that the vendor has created?

Most of the time I get from vendor, but normally it's already being distributed so much, so I am doing my own now, viral books. I've done few of them, I've sent them out, but the problem is the information I put, you know, it's already what's known here and there, so I am trying to make a new one now and change it.

Before I used to get a lot of clicks and a lot of money. Now it's reducing its sales, in fact I can see even from my links. I am introducing a new one now.

How much does it cost to send out a solo ad on someone else's list; or can you do a barter deal where maybe you trade an emailing on your list for an emailing on their list?

Well, the guys like that, I trade mine with them, they will say, "I don't want your email". They have thousands more than mine; maybe I have 50% of theirs. They have hundreds of thousands; so I can not compete with them in that part.

Maybe I can say this if I have my own genuine product, I can JV with them. The best way to sell is just you give them, say, "OK, I have produced this product, you do whatever you want with it and then tell me how much you are going to give me out of it. But keep my links and whatever." So we can share, me and the person who has got a big list, you know? He sent to his list; I just sleep and get money, that's the perfect way to do it.

But I am working on those products as well... I am working on a very good product which people can build their own web pages easily, they can do a lot of things, they can make ClickBank affiliate programs, just like... one click like that, you put a name it makes the whole web page with your own full links.

I have done that, but I am trying to check it and recompile it. And they're viral, so many other things, which is coming up. They call it PDF files, you know, with a lot of advertisement in it. And I bought scripts, I bought something which is very good indeed, with the full rights to reproduce it, and I am going to make good money. I will have a JV on that, definitely, because much more, less headache also.

OK. So, if you have a product that you reviewed yourself, you know it's a good product, but maybe the sales page isn't that good. What do you about that, and how do you know if the sales page is going to convert?

You see, whenever you see a lot of clicks to your web page and no sales, definitely you have a problem there. You say to yourself, see, now people have clicked to your page... thousands of them, and you didn't get sales or maybe you get sales up to 10%, or 15 to 30%... that's not good; something wrong with the web page. So you check your sales letter... something wrong with sales letter... you tweak, you change the sales letter, or you make at least three pages of sales letter out to five, to six, and links to all of those five of them, and see which sales letter that you produced, that converts more sales.

When you find that one which is converting more sales, you remove the others and you change the others all to the same of at least one, and wait for another few days, and then click another one, click another one. So, there you can find out actually which sales letter works perfect.

And usually, when you change it, it works even better than leaving it like that. So this is the way to... the clicks come while doing it and you have to change it, you have to see it, you have to adjust it. People, when they come to your website, usually they don't have time to read things; they want to see, what's in it for me actually? I have a problem here, I don't have money and then, what is in it for me? Now, you want to sell me something, I don't want it. What are you going to do for me?

You have to tell them, this is the way, you have something that will solve your problems, you solve this kind of problem, then they start to think, "yeah I have this problem, and I want to solve it," you know? "How do I do that?" Yeah, wait, wait, I will tell you now in a minute, just read my sales letter, I will tell you how to solve that problem.

After the end, he explains few details, he manages to get in his head, "this guy has got something, let me check it." Go and check it, more information, or invite whatever, but you have to be very fast when you attract them, you have to put things immediately, with the bullet words saying, this is what you'll get you, this is what you'll get you, this is what you'll get you, so they don't have to read the whole story to find out to your solution. There is a lot of ways to do it.

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