So once people are done listening to this interview whats the first thing you suggest they do in their quest to become a top Click Bank affiliate

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Take action. People, you see so many people that read all this information, listen to all this stuff and think yeah, this is great, I'm really pumped up. I like what's being said, and now I am gone to make a cup of coffee or whatever, but you have got to take action.

That's the two things to me that are my driving force, and that is discipline and action. You need to be disciplined if you want to make it. Anybody can make it in this ClickBank affiliate game, you can do it, but you have got to be disciplined and you have got to take consistent action. So my advice would be once you've finished listening to this, take action on the notes that you've made, actually go and do one of these things. And obviously I would say this, but go to and sign up for my free videos.

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