Now this whole affiliate marketing game its a little complicated going in but you say to stick to the KISS rule Keep It Simple How can we do that

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There's a few things. One, pick one strategy. This one still plagues me till today, I swear. Every conference I go to, I come back with a 110 new ideas and new things I want to do. I always end up finding out that I suck at everything else, except for what I'm good at and I should just stick to it.

There are people out there who make money from Pay per Click, so they don't even have websites they just do Pay per Click marketing. There are people out there who are great at search engine optimization. There are people out there who make money with AdSense, so do AdSense marketing. There are people out there who are eBay people or whatever.

And you'll consistently be thrown these stories. And you'll want to detract yourself and go off and do something, stick to one thing. Start finding out what you're good at. I know what I'm good at, and that's my strategy. And I build sites around that.

Another way to keep it simple, especially when you're beginning, this is a big problem, I have a habit until this very day. Don't go for very technical solutions. Keep it simple. For example, when I started, I wanted my own autoresponder. I wanted it on my server, I wanted it full control so that I could build this feature, that feature, blah blah blah. And today I have a big problem at my hand, and that is I have a huge list sitting on one of my servers. The deliverability rate is half because my server's been blacklisted because of this and that. And I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to email management.

Whereas what I should have done is used a service like AWeber from the very get go, my deliverability would be twice, I'd have all these new features built in that they ended up building in anyways. And it would be cheaper for me, it would be easier for me. Life would just be simpler, but I didn't keep it simple. I tried to make it complicated, ended up costing myself a lot of money in the front end. I pushed my business back by three months because I waited for that to get developed. It cost me more money, and today it's just more of a headache.

That is a very simple example. Use the tools that are out there.

You know, use the hosting packages. Use the autoresponder packages. Use current scripts that have been done. Don't try to develop your own stuff.

And if you're just starting now, don't go for a really complicated high programmed PHP, you know, dynamic things jumping around left and right website. Go for a simple site. All you really need to start in affiliate marketing, if you don't want to do search engine optimization, is a one-page site or two-page site, with a little opt-in box on it, and we talk a lot about this in Affiliate Classroom.

This is the simplest way to start, all it has is a headline, a couple of bullet points and boom, name and email. And then a thank you page, that's why I said a two-page site. So you're building a list and now you do your marketing through your list. You're going to start generating revenue.

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