Guess for Click Bank the top price is around 97 So if you are selling in that kind of 47 to 97 price range then that would be pretty high end for Click Bank

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ClickBank is usually up to $50, actually, that's why people try to put the adjustment to, at the beginning, and actually 49.9 or whatever dollars, and then you can request them actually to have more, depending on your product. But usually, most of this product... info products that are available here, they're that ClickBank tried to reject... for some reason. These are the sort of... whatever you have, a product which is very expensive, you can use as a sort of merchant or whatever. You already got the process to do it.

But ClickBank's advantage is that you have a lot of ways to... even if you have your own products, you can make an affiliate program out of it easily, and it's manageable. And secondly, ClickBank itself you find a lot of products that are available, everybody is dumping it there; and they are good products, most of them... if you go through it, then you'll learn it's not very expensive, you know the limit is there usually. Whoever is a little more... they have approved it. So the information is usually there, it must be good... be approved by the ClickBank merchant.

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