How do you prevent your Click Bank ID from being stolen

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I use simple redirects, and so I send people, I never use a direct ClickBank link, that's what I am trying to say. So at the end of the video, or if I am doing a straight email, then I would just set up a link from one of my own domains with a subfolder. And then in that sub folder I just create a PHP redirect that includes the ClickBank link within it. And obviously that forwards them instantly off to the site.

I won't use a site that actually still holds on to the affiliate ID in the address bar that I have redirected. I have actually, going back to this relationships thing, there was a product I really liked and I wanted to promote it, but it for some reason still showed my ClickBank ID after the redirect.

And so I contacted the person said, "look I want to promote this, but I am not going to do it unless you sort this out because, if people going to strip it." So, sure enough the problem was resolved and I did the promotion.

So that's how I try and combat it. I don't lose sleep over it, I mean it's one of those things to me, it's a bit like refunds. It's going to happen and I just think, well, I am going to make more sales. So, I will focus most of my time on making more sales so that these things are merely a ripple roll than something that's actually going to affect my business in any way.

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