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Myself first, my name is Anik Singal. I am at the time of this recording 22 years old. I started online doing internet marketing and things of that sort, late 19. when I was still in college. And I started as part time, just kind of you know, more a kind of goofing around type of thing, just to see what the internet was all about, and trying to start a business.

As I got to see the opportunity more, I really, kind of got hooked, started to enjoy it, started to see some really big potential. I got involved in affiliate marketing myself at that point. And I started, you know, promoting programs, and doing fairly well.

I also started consulting and helping businesses with search engine optimization and marketing and other things of that sort. But the biggest thing I really realized at that point was for anyone to learn affiliate marketing and get involved, it's really not that easy. It's a pretty complicated process. I mean, there's really only a couple of books out there on the topic and they can be kind of hard to get through, it's a lot of information and sometimes you need more coaching and help. And I was lucky that I had a couple of mentors who helped me out. But not everyone gets that.

So I kind of started to realize that there was a need for a more of community set up, with updated training because one thing we know is that the internet is very dynamic, changing every day. You know, marketing that worked yesterday may not work today.

So, in October of 2004, we did a little bit of a beta launch after spending over, maybe 7 or 8 months planning the website, which is now We did a beta launch, we did a test of the market to see if there really was any room for our service, and within 3 months we tripled the results we were thinking we would get. So we knew that there was really a need for the service we were providing, and in January of 2005, just a little over a year ago, we did an official launch.

Basically what Affiliate Classroom offers you is updated training on how to become an affiliate marketer. How to build a website, how to generate traffic, how to promote conversions, all by promoting other people's programs without ever having to have your own product, without ever having to ship a thing or do any customer service.

So you build a website and you promote other people's products. And that's what we're going to teach at Affiliate Classroom. Really the unique aspect behind us is we have a software system that we developed which is web based. And that could allow you to do step by step training.

You don't have to take a bunch of different things at one time. You know, you don't have to read a whole 300 page book. You just do one simple baby step at a time. Just read the next step, comes with a lot of instruction, and then you do it. If along the way you have questions, you can email our support or you can go on our 24/7 forum.

We do monthly interviews, case studies; we have a whole marketing library, so if you have questions related to search engine optimization, instead of buying a 100 dollar book on it, you can just go to our library and download one of our guides for free.

The list goes on. I mean, we also offer all sorts of material and content that's updated every month. And that's really what we are. We really like to look at ourselves as a professional organization. Any profession, any industry you'll go into, will have a professional organization for that industry. That's what we are for affiliate marketing.

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    Can you please brief about yourself?
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