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Name: Miles Baker

Home: Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


Could you give us a brief background of yourself and your websites?

Sure, I started probably about seven years ago, I started trying to do anything I could to make money online and I started messing around with eBay and I started purchasing different books and different e-books and started learning basic web design, and it just kind of took off from there, and I started to sell different types of software online and was successful with that. I sold how-to e-books.

And to make a long story short, today I do a lot of consulting and marketing and affiliate marketing, and I have a website called, which is basically a blog where I help others learn about marketing online.

Why did you first get started in affiliate marketing, and why ClickBank?

Well it's funny that you ask that because I actually started because of ClickBank, because I had fooled around online and I had a lot of failures, and there were periods of time where I didn't even get online at all, and I had done some stuff online and then about two years later after not really doing anything online at all, working various jobs, I got a check in my mailbox for $7 and some change, and I was really excited, I was like, "wow, where did this come from?"

And it was from ClickBank and I couldn't remember exactly who ClickBank was, and I got online, I was like, "oh yeah, I did some stuff."

And I apparently placed some free classified ads online somewhere out there on the internet, and somebody apparently bought something that I had promoted like two years ago and I made a $7 commission, and that really motivated me.

I mean, even though it was such a small amount, only $7, it was just the fact that I got that and didn't have to work for it and that it was just out there, sitting out there and it made me money. So I thought, you know what? What would happen if I really put some effort into it, and that's where I started.

And how much do you make as a ClickBank affiliate now?

Well, let's see. I've made over thousands of times that $7 so. I do pretty good, I make a full time income online, it's in the thousands.

Per month?

Yeah. Oh yeah. I'm not up to the big guys, I'm not making a hundred grand a month yet but... I'm determined to get there so.

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How much do you think it would be possible to make just with ClickBank?

I think anybody could get online and start making at least a couple of thousand dollars a month with a little bit of effort.

And once you get to that point, all you have to do is duplicate your efforts, work a little bit smarter and you can grow it. It's mostly a matter of time and determination.

And sometimes people get a little bit lazy when they start to make a comfortable amount of money, so. but if they're motivated beyond, you know, making beyond about 10 grand a month, I mean the sky's the limit really.

How long did it take you to get from that first $7 check to making thousands of dollars a month?

I'd say probably about a year and half after that, because I did some different things and yeah, it took me awhile, but that wasn't real focused effort. I'd say once I started really focusing what I was doing online, it took me about six months. Maybe.

Once I started focusing in on doing it, and that was still part time because I couldn't afford to do it, you know, full time. So it was just part time in the evenings. It can be done sooner with the right direction, I mean if I knew then what I know now, or even half of what I know, it would have made a big difference.

Yeah, of course you have to learn it step by step though.

Right, right, exactly. Exactly.

What did you think when you first saw those commissions start to skyrocket?

Well, you know when it happened, it happened really fast because my goal at first was to make $100 a day. I figured if I could make $100 a day then, everything would be great. And it happened, and then it started to happen faster, and it really just took off. I mean it was really, really exciting.

So in a nutshell, what are the specific tactics that you use to promote your products that you're going to pass on to the listeners today?

I would say, Pay per Click marketing and the way that I kind of go about setting that up, and choosing the right products.

those are specific tactics that I use and they're probably the most important. There's lots of ways you can market, and then also collecting an email address.

What specific ClickBank products do you promote right now?

I promote a few of the entertainment. although a lot of the entertainment is kind of in the grey area because there's a lot of these MP3 download sites, so I mean, they're kind of in the grey area because they're promoting the programs as if you could download all this music for free, but in reality you're just getting a peer to peer program and some help and assistance.

So I promoted some of those and those are hugely profitable, and they're hard to stay away from, but I try to move into more products that are a little bit, you know more legit, not so much in the grey area of legality and whatnot.

I do career, that's been real successful, some career products. I do a couple of products for cover letters and resumes that are real successful, that's a huge market. I never realized how huge that market is. So, that's a good one.

What else do I do? Just some other random hobby stuff, and a little bit of the making money ones, if there's a good one. So kind of a little bit of a broad spectrum there.

OK, so let's start with choosing the product. How do you know that you're actually picking a quality product to promote?

Usually it's something that I've bought or used. The first thing that I ask is, "would I buy it for myself?" You know, if it's not something that I wouldn't buy for myself or wouldn't recommend to my closest friends then there's no interest in it for me.

It also has to be professional looking, the site has to be professional. You have to look for pages that have a clear sales process on it with a headline and you know, I want sharp looking testimonials and good graphics and, it has to at least look like they know what they're doing.

Because there are a lot of products on ClickBank, that if you promote you're never going to make a sale, because a lot of people, they'll put AdSense ads which are basically ads that you don't make any money off of if you're promoting their site, but they make the money.

So you really want a focused sales letter and a good product.

And a lot of times, I'll even talk with the vendors themselves, and I'll ask them if I can get a copy of their product, or just ask them about the product in general, kind of develop a little bit of a relationship with them.

Most all the products that I'm an affiliate for, I have some sort of relationship with, or it's just I've emailed them back and forth or talked to them on the phone. I try to develop some kind of a relationship because if you do that, they'll give you more tips, and sometimes they can give you some extra sales tools.

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