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Name: Costa Dedes

Home: New York State, USA


Could you give us a brief background of yourself and your various websites?

I actually started working on the internet back in 1996. I developed my first product in '97, received my first check couple of weeks after I developed that product.

Since then I realized that I can actually make money on the internet and I kept on working and plugging away at it. And then early 2001, I started talking to a couple of internet marketers and they actually pointed me in the right direction of building my list and how to do some search engine promotion tactics, and basically from there I got into affiliate marketing and it just kept on growing.

So it actually took you a few years after developing your own product before you decided to try being an affiliate?

Right, most people actually go the other way around. They actually start affiliate marketing first and then develop a product. I never had a lot of success with affiliate marketing, so what I did was I developed a product and well, end of '96, towards '97, I uploaded the product to AOL's file directory, and I mean at that time, there as barely anything on the file directory, so I mean everyone was downloading.

I was getting hundreds of downloads a week, and I was charging $10 for the upgrade, so people were. the only way I could accept payment was checks. So I got a check in the mail every once in awhile from people. And then I learned that in order to start an affiliate business, the best way to do it is to grow your list. I started adding opt-in boxes on all my websites.

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