Besides building trust with your optin list members how else would you prevent your Click Bank ID from being stolen

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Well, ClickBank ID's... actually the problem is really, when you use your name directly, you know, your ID with the whole hoplink and everybody sees it. Even someone who is new will know that it is a person's name and whatever. So, the best way to use it is as some script and have a PHP script run, or you can have some kind of a JavaScript, which actually, it links it to a product, but it doesn't show that this link actually is not yours and it's somebody else's, and you are just an affiliate.

That's the only way you can sell; because if you show them that they can go down there, and they ask for affiliate link again and do it. But if you show them that this product is yours, they don't bother to do that... even if they say that guy is genuine, I'm just selling the ad, it's so high, you know. But if you are trying to sell him something from somebody else, they want to check that guy... the person's product. Is it true maybe you are selling more than that person or not? There is a lot of things comes in their head; why is he doing this, why doesn't the guy who is selling it sell it to me?

So they try to cut that down and see the full link, go to direct website and try to do it from there... you know, it's very messy. I think best you do is just to always not to show your URL.

And another thing is, if you can get an affiliate program, the person who is selling it, he gets two pages. one main page which everybody can sell it as an affiliate, second page, after joining up as an affiliate, doesn't have an affiliate link, where a person can just turn here and there and try to change it. So it's like a JV sort of thing; he goes in there, they see the same website name, whatever, like

They don't see any subdirectories, but they didn't know that the way you went there, there is a subdirectory there for your affiliate name. And it goes through that product and they see that the end has no such a thing as an affiliate thing in it, you know? That's the very genuine, you can... they will buy it directly, they don't have to bother themselves.

But if they knew there is a subdirectory or something like that for the URL, they'll say why don't I go to main and see? A lot of tricks, a lot of things you have to do; or sometimes, you use your own, and let it redirect there without changing... you know, there's a lot of ways to do it. But the only way to make money with ClickBank, because everybody now is using it, changing it, and trying to play around with it.

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