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You are simply investing in a business system where your only job is to giveaway a valuable free report (or software + training from version 2.0) and you will collect a lifetime of commission on whatever they buy! You will get access to the software to create your clone of profitable secret websites. Youll just need to enter some information and click create itll take you less than a minute to get started and be in business! The entire back-end software system to track your commissions and leads generated. This handles everything for you. My internet marketing courses that include Facebook marketing, Youtube marketing and many others. These powerful training will show you how to promote your CB Passive Income internet business. This is not the latest shining object that hits the market. Youre truly building a real solid business here with us, Without the high cost of development and so on. The reason why you can do this successfully is because youre Cloning Patric's proven system. This is all automatically integrated within the software system. Youll get a clone of Patric's secret web page that is ready-to-go, whereby you DO Not need to do anything else with it, other than to promote the unique link thats created for you. Continue reading...

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Power Affiliate Marketing

You now have 100 giveaway rights to this special report, Click here to rebrand this report with YOUR affiliate link and make 95 or 75 commissions for every copy of this free report you give away As ridiculous as it sounds, watching this video will be like acquiring an PHD in Internet Marketing in under 40 minutes (You'll realize this when you watch this video ) . You'll discover Jo Han's amazing autopilot income discovery (And how his unique background allowed him to become such a phenomenal success in Internet Marketing) What SEX has got to do with Internet Marketing The revolutionary Internet Marketing accelerator that will radically speed up the way your business moves

Internet Marketing Fundamentals

I Part 1 introduces Internet marketing in the context of the marketing concept and evaluates linkages to related concepts such as e-marketing, e-commerce and e-business. Chapters 2 and 3 provide a foundation for Internet marketing strategy development by reviewing how the online micro- and macroenvironment of an organisation can be assessed as part of situation analysis. An introduction to Internet marketing p.3 V What is Internet marketing V A strategic approach to Internet marketing V How do Internet marketing communications differ from traditional marketing communications

Debunking the Biggest Myths Lies about Internet Marketing

In every myth there is an element of truth. Read the sections below to discover the grain of truth in each of these Internet marketing myths. Myth 1 Internet Marketing is EASY - Nothing worth doing in life or in business is ever 'easy'. Internet marketing takes time and effort, and anyone who suggests otherwise is trying to sell you a line of fluff. Having said that, relative to building a brick and mortar business, starting an Internet marketing business IS comparatively 'easy'. With an affiliate marketing business there's no inventory to carry, no shipping of goods and virtually no overhead. Affiliate marketing eliminates the cost of production, construction and employees.

Debunking the 6 Biggest Internet Marketing Myths

In every myth there is an element of truth. Read the sections below to discover the grain of truth in all of these Internet marketing myths. Myth 1 Internet Marketing is EASY Nothing worth doing in life or in business is ever 'easy'. Internet marketing takes time and effort, and anyone who suggests otherwise is selling fluff. Having said that, relative to building a brick and mortar business, starting an Internet marketing business IS comparatively 'easy'. With an affiliate marketing business there's no inventory to carry, no shipping of goods and virtually no overhead. Affiliate marketing eliminates the cost of production, construction and employees. Someone who never gets off the couch to learn anything about Internet marketing will not make money on the Web. Nor will the individual who reads the entire Internet marketing encyclopedia but never puts a viable plan into action.

Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer

There are HUGE benefits to promoting affiliate programs with your own home-based Internet business There are HUGE benefits to promoting affiliate programs with your own home-based Internet business 1. No Production Costs - The cost to develop and produce a new product is prohibitive for almost anyone who wants to start a home-based business. With affiliate programs, production costs aren't an issue. The product has been developed and proven - all on the merchant's nickel. 3. No Fees for Joining or Licenses to Buy -1 often compare doing business as an affiliate, with distributing a line of products in the real world. The biggest difference is that the distributor must often pay for a license to distribute products within a limited geographic region. Affiliate programs, on the other hand, are usually free to join, and geographic market reach is limited only by the affiliate's ability to promote his web site. 4. Choose From Thousands of Products and Services - What isn't sold online That...

Affiliating vs Reselling

O Cost to Join - Affiliate programs are FREE to join, whereas resellers must BUY products the products they sell. o Product Fulfillment -Resellers must handle their own product fulfillment, including carrying inventory, order processing and shipping. In the case of affiliate marketing, the merchant handles all of the above. As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of Internet marketing, however, both methods can yield decent profits and are worth the effort.

So do you think its important to pick niches that you like when youre affiliate marketing

What was it that attracted you to ClickBank in particular to do some of your affiliate marketing Just popularity, I'll put it that way. It's just the easiest one to work with. I think that a lot of people use it today and now that ClickBank is affiliated with PayPal too, I think it really has become a very easy way to sell products, and that's really the key for me. How much do you make just as a ClickBank affiliate ClickBank affiliate for me has actually just started in the last six months, so that's kind of interesting because before that, the people I associated with actually had their own affiliate sites, their own affiliate management sites. And just recently I started doing the ClickBank stuff so it varies, it can vary basically month to month. In the last six months, I mean it started out, all of a sudden I got a rush of things and anywhere from like three to five hundred dollars a month, and that's probably been my best month so far. So anywhere from 100 to 500 a month. What...

How Do Affiliate Programs Work

An affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant - that is, a Web site that sells goods and or services. Also known as associate, referral and bounty programs these programs pay their affiliates for referring customers to their business. Most affiliate programs are free and easy to join. Affiliating is a win-win situation for both merchants and affiliates. There are essentially three types of affiliate programs. 3. Pay-Per-Click affiliate programs are similar to Pay-Per-Lead. Essentially you are paid each time one of your visitors clicks on the link through to that programs site. 1. You join the affiliate program and place links on your site, or in your newsletter.

It has been reported many times that 2 of all affiliates are responsible for 90 of all affiliate program sales

O Super Affiliates treat Affiliate Marketing as a BUSINESS. They don't slap up a site with a couple of banner ads. They invest in their businesses with time, money and effort. They are determined and persistent. o Super Affiliates Grow their Businesses. After building one successful affiliate site, they look for opportunities to build new streams of income with affiliate programs. Those are the basics of what it takes to be a Super Affiliate. Throughout the rest of the manual, you'll learn how a Super Affiliate approaches each aspect of affiliate marketing.

Super Affiliate Handbook

Provided excellent marketing material. Using their sales copy, I was able to get my first affiliate site up in less than a day. 15. High Income Potential - If you have a job, your salary or hourly wage is probably predetermined. Maybe there's not much, other than working overtime, that you can do to increase your income. With your own affiliate business on the Internet your income potential is limited only by your desire, effort and imagination.

It has been reported many times that 2 of all affiliates are responsible for generating 90 of all affiliate program

Super Affiliates treat their affiliate marketing businesses like BUSINESSES. They don't just slap up a site with a couple of banner ads. They invest in their businesses with time, money and effort. They are determined and persistent. 4. Super Affiliates grow their businesses. After building one successful affiliate site, they look for opportunities to build new streams of income with affiliate programs.

Step 3 Join Affiliate Programs and get the link

You registered with the top Affiliate Program Providers in Step 1. In Step 2 you identified lucrative affiliate programs and chose the one you considered the best. Now sign up with that program. Follow the link to their Affiliate Program page and follow the instructions. If the company has its own Affiliate Program, just follow the instructions and join. Once you have registered and have a username and password log in. Look for something like Get Links. This will take you to a page where you can copy the link to their website with your Affiliate ID embedded in it. Simply highlight the link, for example If the Merchant does not have their own Affiliate Program and instead uses one of the top Affiliate Program Providers like Clickbank or CJ they will have links on their site for you to Login or Join. If you've already joined, simply login. Otherwise, join now and then login. This is the link that you will later paste into your Destination URL field of your Google AdWords. This link has...

Where to Find Merchants with Affiliate Programs

After you have found a list of potential merchants for your website, you will want to carefully evaluate each of their offers. As an affiliate, you want to send your valuable traffic to the merchant with the best conversion and commission rates. Your job as an affiliate, is to pre-sell the customer on a particular product or service. If your merchants can't close the sale, then all of your work is for nothing. Before I start promoting any merchant, I carefully consider all of the criteria outlined in this section. Once you're up and running with a merchant, you will want to continually monitor their performance.

An overview of affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a simple business relationship between a site owner (the publisher) and advertisers. In this relationship, the advertisers agree to pay the publishers a commission for referring customers to them. Advertisers manage their affiliate program independently by installing tracking software on their in-house server, or by joining a third-party commission network (I.e., LinkShare, ShareaSale, etc.) who provides third-party tracking and infrastructure of the referrals through specialized tracking software that resides on their own server. I'll cover this in more detail in Step 7 - Join Some Good Affiliate Programs however, at this time, I am going to take this opportunity to walk you through the preliminary research on a few of the topics you have written down.

Besides building trust with your optin list members how else would you prevent your Click Bank ID from being stolen

Well, ClickBank ID's actually the problem is really, when you use your name directly, you know, your ID with the whole hoplink and everybody sees it. Even someone who is new will know that it is a person's name and whatever. So, the best way to use it is as some script and have a PHP script run, or you can have some kind of a JavaScript, which actually, it links it to a product, but it doesn't show that this link actually is not yours and it's somebody else's, and you are just an affiliate. That's the only way you can sell because if you show them that they can go down there, and they ask for affiliate link again and do it. But if you show them that this product is yours, they don't bother to do that even if they say that guy is genuine, I'm just selling the ad, it's so high, you know. But if you are trying to sell him something from somebody else, they want to check that guy the person's product. Is it true maybe you are selling more than that person or not There is a lot of things...

Affiliate Signup httpclickbankcom Marketplace httpclickbankcommarketplace

Checks are mailed within 15 days after the end of each pay period, and pay periods end at 12 00 01am on the 1st and 16th of each month. Checks over 5,000 are sent at Clickbank's expense by US Priority Mail (US) or Global Priority Mail (Europe, Canada, Australia, etc) wherever possible. Payment is by check only.

You can probably see from the questions above that the primary value in reviewing these sites is to find merchants with

Most of the links through the affiliate networks are readily identifiable as such. Super Affiliate Handbook For example, Commission Junctions links all begin with http click- and Linkshare's start out with Clickbank links are generally configured as and BeFree's links start with http However, many affiliates now use affiliate-cloaking software or 'mouseover' scripts to hide and protect their affiliate links from commission theft, but you can easily determine whether or not they are affiliates. Simply click through on the product links. If clicking takes you to a new site or domain, then the site is likely an affiliate site. When you arrive at a merchant site with great products, start looking for links to their affiliate program. If an affiliate network like Commission Junction or Linkshare administers the program, don't sign up for the program through the merchant's site. If you sign up at the merchant's site directly, you could end up...

What are some of your websites now that promote Click Bank Affiliate products

Let's see, on and off, one of them is, it's an article site, and it's basically anyone can upload articles on there and every once in awhile, I'll just run like, the ClickBank banner on the top of that, to see what happens. Information and resources for making money online. P.S. More help on how to make money online. There are lots of Internet marketing gurus. They know how to make money online but they wont show you how RSS View as XML - Add to My Yahoo - More from this site - Save

As online advertising gets more competitive and expensive web merchants are increasingly promoting their products

An affiliate network company is one that acts as a third-party honest broker and functions as a middleman between merchants and affiliates. It's a centralized service where merchants can list their products and the details of their affiliate programs, and affiliates can peruse the various programs available and then sign-up for the ones they choose. The affiliate network company looks after all of the sales tracking statistics, provision of marketing tools, and the issue of commission checks to affiliates. For merchants, joining an affiliate network places thousands of eager affiliates right on their doorsteps. The marketing value and the simplicity of having another company administer their affiliate program is worth the (sometimes) hefty prices levied by the networks. Joining an affiliate network as an affiliate is equally beneficial. Joining is free, and the whole process of finding and selecting programs is simplified through categorical search facilities. Because merchants pay...

Is a separate Internet marketing plan needed

Should an organisation have a separate e-marketing plan defining its strategic approach to the Internet, either for the organisation as a whole or for specific markets or brands Consider Figure 4.2. You will be familiar with the hierarchy of plans for an organisation, from a corporate or business plan which informs a marketing plan which in turn informs a communications plan and campaign briefs for different markets or brands. But where does the e-marketing plan fit Does the organisation need one Figure 4.2 suggests that an e-marketing plan may be useful to manage the 'e-campaign components' which refers to online communications tools such as online advertising or e-mail marketing or continuous e-marketing activities which may be conducted throughout the year to drive traffic, for example search engine marketing, affiliate marketing or online sponsorship.

Affiliate Networks Quick List

* Affiliate Fuel Casino Coins Casino Rewards ClickBank http ClickxChange clixGalore Commission Junction Commission Soup FineClicks http LeadHound http Linkshare http Quinstreet 4 ReferBack http http WebSponsors http

Search It Monetization STEP 1 Find Affiliate Programs STEP 2 fashion STEP

This search takes you to the affiliate directory of, run by Allan Gardyne, the 1 affiliate guru on the Web. Allan offers objective reviews based on his extensive experience in affiliate marketing. His forum is also a helpful source of information. Visit a site that appeals to you. If it has an affiliate program that fits your Site Concept, first enter what kind of merchandise it sells and then enter the URL of the join page into POSSIBLE PARTNERS for that keyword (as explained above). Check the top ten sites -- twenty if you are feeling ambitious -and record those with potential. You can also look for cross-concept companies. These are companies selling products that, because of their nature, fit with most or all Site Concepts. For example, whether your concept is about Renaissance art or pricing or fashion, you'll find books about it. So always include a bookstore in your group of affiliate programs.

Affiliate Networks A List

Affiliate Fuel * Affiliate Network Casino Coins * Casino Rewards * ClickBank * ClickxChange * clixGalore * Commission Junction * Commission Soup * CPA Empire Cyber Bounty DarkBlue * DGM (U.K.) Digital Grit eAdvertising FineClicks * Floppy Bank iCommissions Income Access iWhiz * Kolimbo LeadCrunch LeadHound * Linkshare * Offer Fusion Offers Quest Paid on Results (U.K.) Partner Weekly Performics * Primary Ads Quinstreet * ReferBack * Revenue Pilot Search4Clicks * Sell Shareware * Special Offer Traffic Doubler (Europe) WebSponsors * http http http http http http http http http

Ready Made Affiliate Marketing Business

I enjoy your newsletters and your very helpful website. I am dead set on making it in Internet business but I don't know any HTML code. Is that necessary for setting up an affiliate program There is one 'pre-fab' affiliate marketing business that I CAN recommend however, and that business is CBMall. The 'CB' in CBmall stands for ClickBank, and I love Clickbank It sells nothing but digitally downloadable information products, which are the hottest selling products on the 'Net CBmall offers thousands of the top-selling, most popular products from the ClickBank network. These are the best of the best, and they got there because they convert browsers into buyers. Clickbank's own Marketplace is quite difficult to sift through if you are looking for good products to sell. The beauty and brilliance of CBMall therfefore, is that CBMA11 makes all the best of Clickbank's products easy accesible in one place. * Built-in affiliate program * ClickBank handles all the credit card processing To...

The scope of Internet marketing strategy

When reviewing options for Internet marketing strategy, it is also useful to keep in mind that Internet strategy involves much more than the narrow focus of a strategy to develop web site services. Although this is part of Internet marketing strategy, marketers also examine broader issues of using the web, e-mail and databases strategically as communications and relationship-building tools which must integrate with other marketing communications. Internet strategy may also involve redesigning business processes to integrate with partners such as suppliers and distributors in new ways. Figure 1 in the Preface suggests the range of digital marketing activities that must be managed within an Internet marketing strategy. The figure shows that the operational activities which need to be managed can be usefully divided into those for (1) acquisition, (2) conversion and proposition development and (3) retention and growth. Many of these activities and much of Internet marketing strategy...

DAY 4 Grow Prune and Group Best Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Masters Section One Affiliate Masters Section Two Goal-of-the-DAY Choose 3 affiliate programs that fit with each of your 3 Site Concepts 5 HIGH-PROFITABILITY KEYWORDS (per concept) that you developed in DAYS 2 and 3. You must rate these merchants as excellent, and you must feel good about representing them. Remember, your recommendations reflect upon who you are. Grow a list of good merchants with affiliate programs who have product lines that fit. Then we'll choose the best ones and group them according to HIGH-PROFITABILITY keywords.

Am amazed by the number of Internet merchants who havent yet taken advantage of affiliate marketing to promote their

If you find a great product that doesn't appear to be supported by an affiliate program, it's time to put your knowledge of affiliate marketing to work. Phone or email the merchant, tell them how much you love their product and ask if they have an affiliate program. If they say that they don't, or don't know what affiliate programs are, you'll have to explain the concept and process to them. I wasn't able to find affiliate program information at The Wine Store, however. Is there one in place If you are interested, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to start an affiliate program for The Wine Store. I have personal experience in with affiliate programs and can help save you time and money in the set-up.

Getting Rich from Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs (also called Referral Programs or Partnership Programs) are essentially commission-based income opportunities. With an affiliate program, you get paid for sending customers to other company's websites. Affiliate programs are widely believed to be the easiest way to start making money online. Here's how it works When you sign up to become an affiliate for a company, you receive a special link with your own unique affiliate ID embedded into it to promote that company's product(s). Example Next, you simply add your new affiliate link to your website, newsletter or anywhere else. Then when people use your link to get to the other company's website and subsequently buy a product from them, YOU earn a commission. You benefit from the commission earned and the affiliate company benefits from sales it would NOT have otherwise made without your promotional efforts. For example, if you've ever gone to a website and seen links to Amazon, those were affiliate links. If you...

Cant find a merchant that sells Barbie doll supplies and accessories through an affiliate program Looked at the

However, the pages returned aren't guaranteed to have a Barbie doll accessories affiliate program. Some of the sites may be affiliates themselves, but looking around their site should give you clues as to the identity of the merchant. While reviewing individual sites and pages, look for links on the site that say, Webmasters, Make Money, Affiliate (or Associate) Program, Partners, Earn and other phrases that indicate that the company has an affiliate program.

Joining an Affiliate Program

As with any marketing venture, you need to be careful in the selection of an affiliate program. The benefit of an affiliate program is that it gives you another way to make money from your website visitors. Instead of selling them a product yourself, you send them to a partner and take a cut. The key to success is to choose the right program, right from the beginning. Click here to learn about 5 affiliate programs I belong to who pay out big commissions every month to myself and many others. Now, a lot of commercial sites run affiliate programs. That's because they know that they only have to pay a commission if a sale is actually made it's a proven way to generate revenue without risk. What that means for you is that when it comes to choosing an affiliate Sure, you can work backwards You find a high-paying affiliate program and create a small site to send users to it, but do you know where to buy traffic for a program like that You're going to have to research the field, check out...

Affiliate program selection

Choosing of an affiliate program by a content provider is not covered at all in the literature, and there are also no models that are close to this problem. Nevertheless, it can be assumed, that the selection process is very similar to the process of choosing a supplier of a service. Even though the content providers do not pay money for the service, they devote part of their advertising space to the affiliate program and they lose possibility to sell the space to other parties. Therefore, there is an opportunity cost connected with every affiliate marketing provider that has to be taken into account (Hoffman & Novak, 2000). Thus, the theory explaining the selection process of the affiliate marketing programs will be based on the literature dealing with process of choosing suppliers. First, the buying process and buying situation will be depicted, in order to understand the background of the supplier selection process. Afterwards, two models describing this process will be...

How to Cash in with High Ticket Affiliate Programs

You get paid for promoting other people's products. The commission can be for a sale or a lead, depending on the program. The percentages vary between a few percent and 70 or 75 and sometimes even more. In this eBook you are going to learn about these various affiliate programs and offers that pay over 100 per conversion. You will also learn how to promote these offers. There are many ways how to promote affiliate programs and offers on the internet. Some ways are better suited than others for a given program. In the first part of this eBook I will show you many different high ticket affiliate programs and I will use each one to illustrate a certain way of promoting that particular affiliate program. This does not mean that a certain form of promotion or advertising is limited to just one program.

Am amazed by the number of Internet merchants who havent yet heard about or taken advantage of affiliate programs to

If you find a great product that doesn't appear to be supported by an affiliate program, it's time to put your knowledge of affiliate marketing to work. Either email or phone the merchant, tell them how much you love their product and ask if they have an affiliate program. If they say that they don't, or don't know what affiliate programs are, you'll have to explain the concept and process to them. I wasn't able to locate affiliate program information at The Wine Store. Is there one in place If you are interested, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to start an affiliate program for The Wine Store. I have personal experience in with affiliate programs and can probably help save you some time and money in the set-up.

Provided that the good people at The Wine Store dont have an affiliate program and reply to you that they ARE in fact

I am SO pleased that you're interested in an affiliate alliance with The Wine Supply to promote The Wine Store's products. I know you'll be thrilled with how affiliate marketing will increase your sales. There are primarily 3 different ways to set up an affiliate program for your site. 1) Join an affiliate network that handles almost all of the work associated with the program, including processing orders and affiliate payments. 3) Buy and install affiliate program software on your own server. Each method has its benefits and disadvantages. The affiliate network option is perhaps the most costly, but the least work. Signing up with a large affiliate network will also put The Wine Store in front of thousands of affiliates, eager to sell your product. Commission Junction Affiliate Network http My Affiliate Program http You would of course enter your own affiliate ID codes into the links for whatever sites you decide to recommend. Note that I've used...

Grow Possible Partners Through Affiliate Backend Providersaffiliate Networks

Online businesses need to register, track, report and pay affiliates. In other words, merchants don't have to do it themselves because these companies provide all the backend functionality necessary to run an affiliate program. The backend providers prefer to call themselves affiliate networks. Why

When people have finished listening to this interview whats the first thing they should do in order to become a Click

First thing you want to do is, you want to. if you don't know anything about ClickBank yet, or you kind of know a little bit, first you want to sign up as a ClickBank affiliate of course, you need your affiliate ID. You might want to go around the ClickBank Marketplace just to figure out products that you like. I normally like to pick out products

Surefire Marketing Internet Marketing Products

The best way to promote internet marketing products is to build a newsletter, which you have set up at Aweber, as explained earlier. An easy way to start your internet marketing related newsletter is by offering a WSO (Warrior Special Offer). You just go to the warrior forum and observe which WSO's are successful and then basically try to find something similar. The advantage of WSOs is that it does not cost much and you can easily grow your own subscriber list. Even a WSO that flops will add names to your list. And the internet marketing niche is actually not a niche but a whole market. There are so many people that try to make the internet work, that even thousands of gurus cannot fulfill the demand. Especially if you want to really help people and not just want to make money, you are more than welcome to enter this niche. There are so many aspects to internet marketing that you will easily find something that you can learn and understand, and then teach others how to do.

What would happen if you stopped promoting your affiliate links

Super Affiliate Handbook However, there ARE affiliate programs that pay commissions on all recurring charges, such as monthly newsletter subscriptions and web hosting packages. As long as your customer keeps ordering the product, you get residual commissions that keep coming in month after month, after you made the initial sale. So, here's the bottom line. If the affiliate program doesn't pay residual commissions on recurring charges, you're losing money.

Sometimes you cant tell until after youve joined a program that its not going to work out Here are 3 experiences that

I wrote the affiliate manager and advised him that I was aware my email address had been 'sold' and that I wasn't impressed by having my trust betrayed. Not only did I not receive a response, soon afterwards I started receiving offers to join their affiliate program (the one I had already joined) directed to ANOTHER of my email addresses - the one I use only for domain registrations at What that means, is that the affiliate manager, or someone in his company, uses a WhoIs service, or specialized software, to search for sites that would make good affiliate candidates. I emailed the affiliate manager again to let him know that I was aware of this practice, and that I would prefer to receive better ad copy to help me promote their products, as opposed to spamming me to join a program with which I was already affiliated. 2. Inconsiderate Affiliate Managers - Here are some examples of notices that arrive too late to be of use, or at such a time as to cause significant grief....

Internet Marketing Strategy

Assembling your Internet marketing strategy follows the same process used in the earlier chapters for other communications approaches (Exhibit 24.3). Your objectives for your target customers who are Internet users are stated Exhibit 24.3 Internet Marketing Strategy Overall Internet marketing strategy Source Arrow Guide Internet Marketing Decisions, The Arrow Group, Ltd., New York, NY, 2008. Used here with permission.

Mining Additional Revenue with Affiliate Programs

In Chapter 5's coverage of cross-promotional efforts, I briefly mentioned the use of iTunes affiliate links when sending users to the iTunes Store. For those of you unfamiliar with affiliate programs, the way it works is quite simple. Participating companies want to encourage software and web site owners to send traffic to their retail sites. As an incentive to do so, a small commission fee is earned for sales that are generated. This is tracked by using special URLs that include unique affiliate IDs. The commissions earned by an affiliate are based on a percentage of the sales that were derived by customers who came from that affiliate's links. Most bloggers and web site owners are very familiar with Associates, one of the oldest and most popular affiliate programs online. If your site visitors follow your affiliate link to and purchase products there, then you'll earn a commission on that sale (typically 4 percent or higher, depending on the products). Although...

Stage models of the Internet marketing capability

A further perspective on assessing current usage of the Internet channel is to assess the current level of Internet services and integration of Internet marketing with other marketing activities. Stage models of capability delivered through the online presence assist in this evaluation. Companies that operate in a particular market tend to follow a natural progression in developing their web site to support their marketing activities. The following levels of Internet marketing can be identified Stage models have been criticised for a variety of reasons. First, as a generic model they typically apply to businesses that have products which are suitable for online sale, but may not apply to the full range of businesses such as the four types of online presence introduced in Chapter 1. Secondly, these stage models are externally focused and do not address the broader development of Internet marketing capabilities within an organisation. Dave Chaffey writing for E-consultancy (2005) has...

In most cases his affiliate program would have struck out for me at that point

(This is how a membership site should be structured. When starting a dating service, the merchant pays for advertising to bring people to their site. To entice visitors to sign up as members, he will initially offer his services for free. When the database is large enough to attract paying customers, the affiliate program manager then invites potential affiliates to join their program.) Super Affiliate Handbook I clicked next on a link labeled 'Dating Resources'. Expecting to find Internet dating tips and advice, I found links and banners pointing to Lavalife, FriendFinder and other affiliated dating sites instead. When I asked him about placing affiliate programs on his site, my friend said he simply wanted to supplement his income until the dating service got *rolling*. I can understand his motivation. However, what he doesn't understand is the concept of customer 'hijacking'. Knowing when NOT to sign up for an affiliate program can sometimes be a tough call.

Inconsiderate Affiliate Managers

Super Affiliate Handbook This one really made me wonder if the affiliate manager had a clue. It arrived with the subject line URGENT Change your links on August 29 The email was received on August 28th, 2001. We're about to reveal some very exciting changes this week that will make it easier than ever for you to earn commissions with us To take advantage to become members and that means higher commissions for you Super Affiliate Handbook

So what was it about affiliate marketing that attracted you to get into it in the first place and then make it your

I mean especially we're talking about ClickBank so you know you're looking at being able to generate a substantial portion of the sale, 30 to 50 . In some cases, I've seen ClickBank give like 90 commissions. Note how I say start, I'm a big advocate of don't place all your eggs in one basket. So look at me, yes, affiliate marketing is still a big part of my life. But I'm a merchant as well. I have programs I have websites where I sell my own products. But I always tell someone that if you want to start on the internet, you've got to start through affiliate marketing because that's the amount of risk. You don't actually have to invest in the creation of a product. You don't have to invest in getting your own payment process set up, and all those headaches. Learn how to do it through affiliate marketing. How much do you make now, just as a ClickBank affiliate You know, I got to tell you, it actually varies. I'll give you a perfect example. Last month, there was a couple of different...

Brief History of Affiliate Marketing

According to, theirs was the original affiliate program. The following statement is taken directly from Amazon's Associate Programs FAQ page. Our Associates Program, the first on the Web, started in July 1996. However, if you thumb through Daniel Gray's Top 100 Directory in his The Complete Guide to Associate and Affiliate Programs, you'll learn that there were a number of sites that operated affiliate programs years before entered the fray. Well, PC Flowers & Gifts no longer exists as an online business. KB Toys and, which used to manage their own affiliate programs in-house, now have Commission Junction administer the program. My browser times-out searching for It seems that of the originators, only ArtToday and Amazon are left standing with their own in-house affiliate programs. Then again, does it really matter who launched the first affiliate program I think not.

Building an affiliate web site that sells between 5 and 20 products is relatively quick and easy to accomplish

Take for example my Internet dating service review site, http, where 11 services are promoted. An experienced webmaster can put a site like that together in a day. Someone with less experience might spend a week signing up for the programs, designing a template, and inputting the product information and affiliate links.

Now this whole affiliate marketing game its a little complicated going in but you say to stick to the KISS rule Keep It

And if you're just starting now, don't go for a really complicated high programmed PHP, you know, dynamic things jumping around left and right website. Go for a simple site. All you really need to start in affiliate marketing, if you don't want to do search engine optimization, is a one-page site or two-page site, with a little opt-in box on it, and we talk a lot about this in Affiliate Classroom.

Promoting Affiliate Programs through Newsletters

As many webmasters are now discovering, making money with affiliate programs can be hard work. It is not as simple as uploading some banners then sitting back and collecting commission checks. A more effective way to distribute this content is through newsletters. As a more creative approach, web-savvy marketers are finding that creating a niche specific email newsletter is one of the most effective ways to boost profits with affiliate programs. For example, a website about pets could offer a free newsletter about caring for a pet. The newsletter could include informative articles such as How to exercise with your dog and 10 tips on keeping your fishbowl clean, etc. Pet products such as a dog leash, bowl, and toys should then be included with an affiliate link to encourage a purchase. One of the main reasons why newsletters are a great way to promote affiliate programs is because of the click-through rates. Click-through rates for a targeted newsletter can reach anywhere from 10 to 15...

So in the niches that you can talk about what are some of the particular Click Bank products that you promote that do

Most of my ClickBank sales, I got to tell you, are in the internet marketing niche. And you know, I know this is more of a ClickBank call. It's not because in the niches I don't want to use ClickBank. I'm trying to think of some of the ones that have I've done well with in the niches. There are a couple of good parenting books actually in the niche market that converted well for me during the time that I was in that niche. How to study, my book is in, my book is in the ClickBank Marketplace, so feel free to promote that.

Join your first affiliate program

Again, an affiliate program is a business relationship where one website owner (a merchant) agrees to pay another website owner (an affiliate) a commission simply for referring customers. Merchants typically manage their affiliate program by joining a commission network such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, LinkConnector, NetShops or ShareaSale who provide third-party tracking and infrastructure - or by purchasing and installing specialized tracking software on their own server.

First predetermine your best affiliate programs

When I first got started with affiliate programs I had little guidance, - so I joined every program I could find. Part of the problem with wholesale membership in affiliate programs is the tedious task of managing it all. Remember, - that whenever you join an affiliate program you have entered into an agreement that will require some of your time to manage.

A Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing has become very popular with e-retailers since many achieve over 20 of their online sales through affiliates. The great thing about affiliate marketing for the e-retailer, is that they, the advertisers, do not pay until the product has been purchased or a lead generated. It is sometimes referred to as 'zero-risk advertising'. Contrast this with nearly all forms of offline promotion where there is not a direct link between the cost of promotion and the revenue gained. Affiliate marketing also contrasts with pay-per-click search engine marketing, where the retailer has to pay for the visitor irrespective of whether they purchase anything. As a result it is relatively easy to control affiliate expenditure and a company can readily ensure that spend is below the allowable cost of customer acquisition. However, affiliate marketing still has challenges in that affiliates can be potential competitors in search optimisation and pay-per-click (driving up...

So once people are done listening to this interview whats the first thing you suggest they do in their quest to become

That's the two things to me that are my driving force, and that is discipline and action. You need to be disciplined if you want to make it. Anybody can make it in this ClickBank affiliate game, you can do it, but you have got to be disciplined and you have got to take consistent action. So my advice would be once you've finished listening to this, take action on the notes that you've made, actually go and do one of these things. And obviously I would say this, but go to and sign up for my free videos.

Click Bank Success Story 8 James Martell

Basically I've been on the internet since 1999 in the world of affiliate programs. Self taught, I actually discovered it when a friend of mine walked through my door at my home office in Abbotsford, B.C which is in the central Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver. I live on the west coast. I live in a little seaside community with my wife and four kids, and have been making a full time income with affiliate programs ever since. OK, so you mentioned your friend walking into your office, but how exactly did that spark you to want to get started with affiliate marketing in general, and then why ClickBank Built my first site, things were going extremely well, ran right into the dotcom crash. So after about, I don't know I guess it was about six months, we were up to around 5000 a month, earning money from affiliate programs. I hadn't discovered ClickBank at that point yet. But we were just running with some of the other programs, with credit cards and satellite TV and long distance...

How to Use Auctions to Sell Affiliate Products

But wait Here's a word of warning before you rush off to start listing your affiliate products on eBay. Affiliate products may NOT be sold directly on eBay's site. Be sure to understand the auction site's rules and regulations completely before you start to place listings.

Step 2 Create Affiliate Links with Tracking Codes

Most affiliate networks and affiliate tracking software will allow you to put tracking codes in your affiliate links. These tracking codes help you to identify where your sales are coming from. Affiliate tracking codes are like promotion codes they help marketers identify the source of a lead or sale. To determine what keywords are generating sales just add the keyword from your tracking URL to your affiliate link. Once you have done this you will be able to see what keywords are generating sales. Each affiliate network and affiliate software program has its own implementation of tracking codes. To find out how to use tracking codes with your network or provider, check out their help section, or contact their support department.

So when youre going into Click Bank and youre picking for instance those health products how do you know if its a good

You know what I use to search, to source the ClickBank products, I use a little website, I don't know who owns it or anything about it but it's called CBmall. ClickBank Mall, I think it's short for. I go in there, I look through it, obviously I want to have a quality, a lot of it you know is information type products, so I'm looking for a quality product that's obviously, there's the difference types of e-books that's on the market, there's the guy who wrote the e-book on the weekend. And then there's the guy who wrote the e-book that you could tell he spent, you know 2 or 3 or 4 weeks on it, or a month or two, and he's done a really nice job. That's the product that I want. So I look at that type of thing, and I just get a general feel for the overall product. You know it's not, I don't do a lot in the area of, I know a lot of people are out there they measure all kinds of things. I'm actually more of just providing quality information with a click to a merchant, and then when they...

An integrated Internet marketing strategy

The integration of an Internet marketing strategy into business and marketing strategies represents a significant challenge for many organisations, in part because they may have traditionally considered the Internet in isolation and in part because of the profound implications of the Internet for change at an industry level and within organisations. The E-consultancy (2005) research highlighted the challenges of Internet marketing strategy. The research involved e-commerce managers at companies in markets where their products could be sold online - for example, mobile phones (Orange, The Carphone Warehouse), travel (Tui and MyTravel), financial services (Lloyds TSB and Bradford and Bingley) and direct marketers such as BCA. Respondents were asked what their main challenges were and these highlighted the issues of gaining sufficient resource for Internet marketing. Challenges included

What is the conversion rate for each Affiliate Program

This calculation is similar to the one above. The only difference is that we use the commission and traffic statistics gathered from the individual affiliate programs, instead of totals for the site. Program Conversion Rate Number of New Sales divided by Number of Unique Visitors Sent to Affiliate Site X 100.

Earn Money with Link Share

Very similar to Commission Junction, LinkShare offers you the opportunity to promote products and earn a percentage of all referred sales. LinkShare, located at, was founded in 1996 and has since grown to be a true pioneer in the field of online affiliate marketing. The size and variety of the affiliate programs available within the LinkShare network is one of the most attractive features of the company. This wide scope of programs allows room for publishers in nearly every niche imaginable. Some of the large brands included in the LinkShare network are American Express, Wal-Mart, Land's End, Radio Shack, and the NFL Shop. Earn Money with LinkShare 1 Navigate to Your LinkShare ad is now live, and you will begin earning commissions for sales that you refer.

Tips for Making Your Affiliate Program Attractive

The most important aspect of any affiliate program is the incentive. You should offer better incentives than your competitor sites. Money is the biggest and best form of incentive you could offer your customers. Offering a percentage of your sales revenue resulting out of each successful hit can be a great incentive. Since these type of products cost you practically nothing to distribute once created, you want to offer the highest commission possible to motivate your affiliates. Otherwise they will simply find other people's products to promote who pay better than you do. Trust me on this one. I'm a top affiliate for multiple affiliate programs online who have won my loyalty by paying me better than their competition. Apart from the normal incentives, offer something unique such as cash awards and bonuses for the top affiliates who are responsible for bringing in the highest traffic or highest business to your website. This would provide greater motivation for affiliates to not only...

Role of content providers in affiliate marketing

We have drawn a complex diagram of the role of content providers in affiliate marketing Figure 21 - Role of content providers in affiliate marketing The diagram above suggests that affiliate marketing is a form of promotion outsourcing, where content providers take care about merchant's promotion and receive compensation based on their performance. But why merchants actually need content providers and why they do not take care about the promotion themselves A probable answer would be that affiliate marketing is much more efficient than keeping the promotion in the house. With affiliate marketing, merchants can take advantage of dozens or hundreds of individuals with lot of experience and lot of new ideas and they do not need to care if they succeed or not. Merchants only spend money on promotion, which proved to work. Moreover, affiliate marketing does not mean that the merchant cannot do its own promotion too.

Used to lose a fairly hefty amount of my sales commissions to affiliate link hijacking

Consumers steal affiliate commissions by removing an affiliate's ID from the URL prior to clicking through to the site. Affiliates, who discover a product that they like through your affiliate link, will use the same techniques. However, they swap your affiliate ID for their own to get the commission when they buy the product. In effect, they are discounting their own purchase. However, most merchants do not, so it's up to you as an affiliate to protect your commissions. To overcome affiliate commission theft, there are various methods you can use to try and beat the cheats.

Its a sad fact that as your advertising costs and other Internet business expenses go up your net profit on affiliate

Simply because a 15 or 20 commission rate is posted on the affiliate section of a site, doesn't mean that rate is written in stone. This is where it pays to have a personal relationship with the affiliate manager. If you've proven yourself as a valuable affiliate who sends LOTS of traffic and generates LOTS of revenue, with whom the merchant partner likes to do business, most often they will be willing to negotiate a higher commission structure for you. Affiliate program management software allows merchants to set individual commissions. Here are a few ways to entice managers to get in there and tweak yours up a notch or five.

Method 3 Affiliate Link Cloaking Software

You simply input the affiliate link that you want to hide, name and save the page (i.e. cloaker.html), and then upload it to your server. Furthermore, when using other methods to try and hide affiliate links, your affiliate ID may still show up in the address window of the browser. With this software, it looks like you sent your visitor to a page on your site.

Rosalind Gardners success with affiliate marketing on the Internet is proof positive that Anyone can succeed in an

Her interviews appear in Corey Rudl's 'Secrets to Their Success', http, and Jason Alexander's 'Achieve Net Profits' as well as in glossy magazines such as Six Figure Income Magazine. The Secrets to Their Success interview was featured in an issue of Small Business Opportunities magazine. Many of her Internet marketing colleagues have written about her success, as has Allan Gardyne of ''.

Affiliate Program Directories

Affiliate Program Directories are Web sites that contain lists of links to affiliate programs that have been compiled and organized by various webmasters. They usually categorize the listed programs by type of products sold (e.g. educational, business, etc.) and include brief summaries of each program with sufficient information to allow directory users to choose which programs they would like to join. Some also provide program ratings as supplied by program users. Affiliate program directories are best used to find merchants that have stand-alone or 'in house1 programs which are therefore not associated with the big affiliate networks. Although there are hundreds of affiliate program directories, here are the two most worth visiting Approaching 6,000 program listings, offers the most comprehensive list of affiliate programs anywhere on the Net. The site is easy to use, and listings appear alphabetically in the search results, making it easier to locate programs...

Compensation Models in Affiliate Marketing

According to Fiore, in affiliate marketing particularly, advertisers can choose from three above described compensation models in order to pay commissions to the content providers Pay per sale (PPS) - commission is paid for each sale made by a visitor from the affiliate website. According to the AffStat 2007 report cited by Wikipedia, Pay per sale accounts to 80 of affiliate programs, pay per action to 19 and all other models (PPC, PPI) account to only 1 . (Wikipedia, 2007)

How to Find Merchants with Stand Alone or InHouse Affiliate Programs

Can't find a merchant that sells Barbie doll supplies and accessories through an affiliate program Looked at the affiliate networks and directories and still no luck However, the pages returned aren't guaranteed to have a Barbie doll accessories affiliate program. Some of the sites may be affiliates themselves, but looking around their site should give you clues as to the identity of the merchant. While reviewing individual sites and pages, look for links on the site that say, Webmasters, Make Money, Affiliate (or Associate) Program, Partners, Earn and other phrases that indicate that the company has an affiliate program. There you have it - all the places online to find affiliate programs. Take a look around. See what is being offered. Sign up for one, two and more.

Directv Affiliate Program

They do not have a direct affiliate program, but you can promote their offer via several CPA networks. The commission varies, depending on which CPA network you pick. It goes from 230 to 289 street. Street is the advertised payout given to the general public. If you build a relationship with your affiliate manager and deliver good traffic, you can always get a raise.

Using Press Releases to Promote Affiliate Programs

The paid press release service that I use is and And yes, there are people who use these paid press release services for promoting affiliate program. You can by the way get the PRNewswire distribution for 399 instead of the 650, if you go through

Step 2 Add PHP Code to Your Affiliate Link

After you have assigned a unique Destination URL to each of your keywords, you need to add some PHP code to your affiliate link(s). Please note that each affiliate network implements keyword tracking differently, and that some networks may not support it at all, like ClickBank. Contact the Affiliate Manager or the Technical Support team of your affiliate program or network to determine if keyword tracking is supported, and how it is implemented. It would be impossible for me to show you how to implement keyword tracking for every affiliate network or individual affiliate program. In the following examples, I'm going to show you how to add keyword tracking to your Commission Junction and LinkShare affiliate links. I chose Commission Junction and LinkShare for this example because they represent the two largest affiliate networks.

Before you join any affiliate program there are a number of questions that need to get answered Below is a list of 20

Commission Junction posts the date that merchants join their affiliate network. When I see that the company has been associated with Commission Junction for a year or more, I feel confident that they are in business to do business. Furthermore, some networks require merchants to have funds on deposit to ensure that affiliates are paid what they are due. You can also search Overture to see how many 'sponsored listings' are returned for the product. If more than one listing is returned, the rest of the sites are probably affiliate sites. However, if only one listing is returned, the company may not permit affiliates to advertise their trademarked name. Regardless, please don't click on those links and incur unnecessary costs to the advertisers. What goes around, comes around. Search Google for the site name. For example, if you want to promote 'HostRocket' (a web hosting company), do a search at Google for HostRocket. Are thousands of results returned Good Now visit a number of sites...

Click Bank Success Story 5 Miles Baker

And to make a long story short, today I do a lot of consulting and marketing and affiliate marketing, and I have a website called, which is basically a blog where I help others learn about marketing online. Why did you first get started in affiliate marketing, and why ClickBank Well it's funny that you ask that because I actually started because of ClickBank, because I had fooled around online and I had a lot of failures, and there were periods of time where I didn't even get online at all, and I had done some stuff online and then about two years later after not really doing anything online at all, working various jobs, I got a check in my mailbox for 7 and some change, and I was really excited, I was like, wow, where did this come from And it was from ClickBank and I couldn't remember exactly who ClickBank was, and I got online, I was like, oh yeah, I did some stuff. And how much do you make as a ClickBank affiliate now How much do you think it would be...

Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a unique form of marketing in which other companies agree to help you sell your product or drive traffic to your website, in return for a portion of the profits from each sale they send (see Figure 7.1). Commissions can be paid based on clicks, sales, or leads acquisitions. In some cases, affiliates are referred to as partners because they are acting in the best interest of both parties. If you are on a website and are interested to see if they have an affiliate marketing program, links to the programs are usually included in the footer at the bottom of the site. Affiliate marketing follows this cycle 1. A customer visits an affiliate website. 2. The affiliate website directs the customer to the brand seller, where the actual transaction takes place. Figure 7.1 Mobile affiliate marketing helps the buyer find the brand seller and helps the affiliate and brand seller earn money. It's a win-win-win. Public domain image. One of the easiest ways to begin an affiliate...

What is Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is where you refer visitors from your website to a merchant's website. A merchant is any individual or company that sells products or services online. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, eBay, and Yahoo are all examples of merchants with affiliate programs. These companies pay their affiliates to promote their products and services online. Merchants with affiliate programs range in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. You earn commissions when the visitors you refer complete some type of action on a merchant's website. For example, you may earn a commission if the visitor you refer makes a purchase, completes a lead form, or downloads some software.

Search Online for Affiliate Programs

Another great way to find merchants with affiliate programs is to simply search for them using your favorite search engine. When I'm looking for prospective merchants to promote on my website, I search for terms like Merchant Affiliate Program, or Category Affiliate Programs. Merchant represents a specific merchant and Category represents a specific category. By searching for merchants this way, you may have your eyes opened to some opportunities you never even knew existed. The main advantage of using a search engine to find affiliate programs is that you're able to find merchants who run in-house or self-managed affiliate programs. I'll discuss the pros and cons of these self-managed affiliate programs later on in this chapter.

Rich Schefren Affiliate Programs

Here is another set of affiliate programs in the internet marketing niche. Here is what Yaro Starak says about that particular program The Strategic Profits affiliate program is GOLD. It has by far been the most profitable program I've ever been in, netting me over 40,000 in commissions.

Join the affiliate program

As mentioned earlier, it's important that your site is complete - at least in appearance, prior to joining your first affiliate program. Welcome to the Net& hops Affiliate Program The r account. Visit NetShops University for tips on increasing your affiliate marketing Affiliate Manager

Few of My Favorite Affiliate Programs

Great affiliate programs all have the following elements in common High commissions and a fair revenue-sharing structure. Approachable and reasonable affiliate managers who are willing to discuss program and commission improvements. Commission Junction - OK, this is not an affiliate program, but an affiliate network, Commission Junction just makes my life SO much easier, by making it easy to find great merchant partners.

Using Ebooks for Affiliate Marketing

If you've been delving into affiliate marketing at all, you're no doubt aware of the viral potential for ebooks. It's the affiliates who make them viral, after all, passing the word about the product to their website visitors, ezine subscribers, and clients, with the goal of earning a commission from a sale. This is, after all, exactly how the Dotcomology ebook has become so popular. The possibility of re-branding the ebook (that is, customizing certain portions of it, or changing the affiliate link coding so that the current host of the download can gain from the affiliate commissions) adds pass-along momentum as discussed earlier. Let me explain the concept of re-branding further. If you've created a useful ebook which also promotes your products or services and where affiliates can change the links in your book to point to their affiliate links, you can let your affiliates give this book away to their visitors and subscribers as something useful for them, as well as something that...

Commission Junction My Favorite Affiliate Network

Here are 12 reasons why Commission Junction is my favorite affiliate network despite the fact that they don't allow anyone but U.S. residents to earn commissions when referring new affiliates and merchants to their network. 1. Commission Junction claims that 64 of top 50 Web properties are CJ clients. I believe this. While CJ wasn't the first affiliate network, it certainly took the lead to become the best in terms of both quality and quantity. Thousands of BIG name-brand companies use Commission Junction to administer their affiliate programs. Dell, eBay and Sprinks are just 3 of hundreds of brand name merchants affiliated with Commission Junction. Buying online still presents a problem for many folks, but if they can buy from a brand name company that they trust, they're much more likely to part with their money. 2. The CJ interface is intuitive and easy-on-the-eyes. Unlike some other affiliate network interfaces, CJ's designers did a great job of making the interface easy to...

The Leading Digital Products Affiliate Management System Click Bank is the premier affiliate management solution for selling digital products online. You can sell your own digitally downloadable products through ClickBank or promote products from thousands of other ClickBank merchants from one easy affiliate administration panel. Best of all, there is no need to install any expensive scripts on your website and you can start receiving payments and signing up affiliates for your own product or promoting other people's products within hours of opening an account. The beauty of ClickBank is that it integrates the affiliate management program with an in-built payment gateway. ClickBank is one of the most popular and easiest services to use for payment processing online. Sign-up is quick and you get approved and running, usually within one business day. The ClickBank Control Panel is easy to use. You can get familiar with the whole system in no time. It costs 49 to open a ClickBank account to sell your own products. This is pretty cheap when...

Affiliate marketing

As was already described in the introduction chapter, affiliate marketing is an agreement between a merchant and content providers to promote merchants' products or services at their websites. Content providers get paid only if the visitors from their website execute a specified action (Chatterjee, 2002). Thus, in affiliate marketing, the task of content providers is not only to deliver the advertisement, but also to persuade users to convert to customers. Affiliate marketing is therefore sometimes renamed to performance marketing. (Wikipedia Affiliate marketing, According to Libai et al., affiliate marketing can be divided into two groups - One-to-one affiliate marketing and One-to-many affiliate marketing. In one-to-one programs, a merchant signs contract with a chosen affiliate. The terms of the contract are negotiable and do not influence contracts with other affiliates. This type of the affiliate program is used for big players at the market that can attract many new buyers to...

Earn Money with C Commission Junction

Commission Junction is widely recognized as a leader in affiliate marketing for both advertisers and publishers. The Commission Junction Web site, located at, connects online merchants with online publishers through advanced affiliate tracking and reporting software. Commission Junction provides you with various ways to promote merchant products or services on a pay-for-performance basis. With Commission Junction, you simply add a banner or text link on your Web site and get paid when you refer a sale to one of your merchant partners. Commission Junction has over 2,000 merchants covering just about every area of e-commerce. Regardless of your Web site topic, there is a good chance that a merchant in the Commission Junction system sells a product relevant to your content. After you join Commission Junction as a publisher, you can then browse through the list of available affiliate programs. When you find a program that is related to your Web site content, you then need to...

An introduction to Internet marketing

V What is Internet marketing 8 V A strategic approach to Internet marketing 18 V How do Internet marketing communications differ from traditional marketing communications 20 Distinguish between Internet marketing, e-marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce and e-business Identify the key differences between Internet marketing and traditional marketing How does Internet marketing relate to e-marketing, e-commerce and e-business What are the key benefits of Internet marketing This chapter provides an introduction to Internet marketing, and the concepts introduced are covered in more detail later in the book, as follows V Chapters 2 and 3 explain how situation analysis for Internet marketing planning can be conducted V Chapters 4, 5 and 6 in Part 2 describe how Internet marketing strategy can be developed How significant is Internet marketing to businesses today The answer as always, is 'it depends'. The relative importance of the Internet for marketing for an organisation still largely...

Not getting accepted into an affiliate program for whatever reason is hard to take but getting terminated once youre in

You must remove any banners or links you are hosting on your Web site for this program at your earliest convenience. You are welcome to apply to and to host links from other Commission Junction advertisers at any time. Login to the member area at http login.jsp to find our current advertiser programs and to retrieve their links. Commission Junction values your participation in the CJ Network and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please be aware that this decision was not made by Commission Junction but by the advertiser. For assistance, please use the Support drop-down menu at the top of the Account Manager. Client Services Commission Junction OUCH That's what happens when you join an affiliate program too soon. When setting up my credit card offers site, I applied early to the best merchants. As luck would have it, Christmas, New Year's and life got in the way, and I did no work at all on the site for almost two months. First PREMIER Bank saw no...

Does the Program Pay Lifetime Commissions

An affiliate program paying residual commissions pays you every time the customer renews their subscription to a specific product, not just for the first purchase. An affiliate program paying lifetime commissions pays the affiliate a commission for each and every product that the customer buys from that merchant, including residual commissions, if applicable. If the company doesn't offer 'lifetime commissions' and Mr. Samson upgrades to his own dedicated server at Best Host Company, you won't get paid commissions on his monthly server fees because it's a different product. The value of both residual and lifetime commissions increase over time. As the number of your sales grows, your residual commissions will continue to increase. Joining programs that offer residual or lifetime commissions is an excellent way to build a steadily increasing income. Once you make a referral, the checks keep coming in. So even when Super Affiliate Handbook you take a vacation from your affiliate...

Click Bank Success Story 3 Costa Dedes

Since then I realized that I can actually make money on the internet and I kept on working and plugging away at it. And then early 2001, I started talking to a couple of internet marketers and they actually pointed me in the right direction of building my list and how to do some search engine promotion tactics, and basically from there I got into affiliate marketing and it just kept on growing. Right, most people actually go the other way around. They actually start affiliate marketing first and then develop a product. I never had a lot of success with affiliate marketing, so what I did was I developed a product and well, end of '96, towards '97, I uploaded the product to AOL's file directory, and I mean at that time, there as barely anything on the file directory, so I mean everyone was downloading. I was getting hundreds of downloads a week, and I was charging 10 for the upgrade, so people were. the only way I could accept payment was checks. So I got a check in the mail every once...

Commission Junction Example

To use keyword tracking with Commission Junction you must add the SID (Shopper ID) field to your affiliate links. The SID field allows you to track keywords and variables up to 64 characters long. You may have already noticed the SID field while you were generating affiliate links for one of your merchants. The graphic below shows the page where you generate links in CJ (The SID field is highlighted) To use the SID field, enter a keyword into the SID form on the get links page and click the Update HTML button. When you do this CJ automatically ads the SID field to your affiliate link. See the link example below As you can see CJ appended SID keyword to the end of my affiliate link. After you have generated your affiliate link with the SID field, you can copy and paste the link into your web page. For this example, we will continue to use my Dating Site Critic website. Below is an affiliate link for eHarmony We can use PHP to pull out the keyword value from our Destination URLs and put...

Commission Soup and Credit Soup are part of the same affiliate network that specializes in offering financial related

One of the beefs I have with some stand-alone programs, as well as with some affiliate networks, is their requirement that affiliates be U.S. citizens or operate sites that promote products only to other U.S. citizens. I've always wondered why it matters where a site is based if I can direct U.S. citizens to their site. Fortunately, companies like Commission Soup understand that Internet marketing is a worldwide activity. Commission Soup is a network that sells credit card offers exclusively to U.S. citizens, but it doesn't discriminate against non-US webmasters who want to promote its products as affiliates as do some other networks. In fact, Commission Soup accepts affiliates from all over the world, with the stipulation that, All of our programs (U.S. credit card offers) are only available to U.S. citizens, so you will need to have a site that markets to the U.S. Hurray A site where sanity prevails. Commission Soup has very strict guidelines when it comes to email marketing. So...

Now lets sign up for Commission Junction CJ

CJ is the largest Affiliate Program Provider and manages the network, tracking and reporting on their activity in real time. CJ also processes monthly commission payments. merchants within their network and receive a link to their site with your Affiliate ID in it. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase you receive a commission.

Cobranding is a form of customization whereby the affiliate program permits you their affiliate to brand a copy of the

Many merchants offered co-branding when affiliate marketing first began on the 'Net. Note how the Web address is a subdomain of which is owned by the Websponsors affiliate network. 'Webvista' is one of my 'profiles' on their network, and they allowed me to create the subdomain with that profile. If you visit that link, you can see that I've used the header graphic from my domain, making it look like a part of that site, rather than the Websponsors site. BTW, this isn't a page I promote, but simply something I wanted you to take a look at to see a sample of co-branding.

Affiliate marketing program types

Content providers share similar point of view on one-to-one and one-to-many affiliate programs and on affiliate networks. Their perceptions are summarized in the following table Table 21 - Cross-case analysis Advantages and disadvantages of respective affiliate marketing program types Table 21 - Cross-case analysis Advantages and disadvantages of respective affiliate marketing program types Affiliate marketing type case Higher commission Low automation Higher commission Risk of deception Affiliate networks Content providers value one-to-one programs, because these are able to bring highest revenues. They are nevertheless harder to control and administer and also only available to bigger websites. On the other end, affiliate networks provide necessary infrastructure and easy management, but also take part of the earnings so that commission from such programs is lower. These findings correspond with the theory (Oberndorf, 1999), although in case of the interviewees, the main motivation...

How do you prevent your Click Bank ID from being stolen

I use simple redirects, and so I send people, I never use a direct ClickBank link, that's what I am trying to say. So at the end of the video, or if I am doing a straight email, then I would just set up a link from one of my own domains with a subfolder. And then in that sub folder I just create a PHP redirect that includes the ClickBank link within it. And obviously that forwards them instantly off to the site. I won't use a site that actually still holds on to the affiliate ID in the address bar that I have redirected. I have actually, going back to this relationships thing, there was a product I really liked and I wanted to promote it, but it for some reason still showed my ClickBank ID after the redirect.

Link Share reports over 10 million partnerships in the network and claims to be the most successful pay for performance

I find their user interface quite intuitive and easy to use. I especially like the 'Create Links' link that takes you immediately to a list of all your current merchant partners in the Linkshare network. This is a step up from Commission Junction's interface where it takes a couple of more clicks to get to the same place. Linkshare's affiliate links are really long and ugly. Here's the link for their referral program. http fs- Compare that with the one I have for Commission Junction's affiliate referral program. Short links are much better for use in email campaigns. If a link is too long, it 'breaks' and goes nowhere when your subscriber clicks on the first part of the link. Linkshare's long links almost demand that you utilize link redirects. For this, you could use the Affiliate Link Cloaker software and get shorter links, as well as some protection from commission theft. Like BeFree, each of Linkshare's merchants has their own minimum payout, payment...

Internet Marketing Implementation And Practice

In Part 3 particular issues of the execution of an Internet marketing strategy are described, including development of a web site and ensuring a quality customer experience (Chapter 7), marketing communications to promote a site (Chapter 8) and the maintenance and evaluation of an online presence (Chapter 9). In Chapters 10 and 11, specific examples are given of how business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies are using the Internet. The characteristics of interactive marketing communications Integrated Internet marketing communications Performance management for Internet marketing The maintenance process Responsibilities in web site maintenance Business-to-consumer Internet marketing p.45i Business-to-business Internet marketing p.484

Performance management for Internet marketing

The processes and systems intended to monitor and improve the performance of an organisation and specific management activities such as Internet marketing are widely known as 'performance management systems' and are based on the study of performance measurement systems. Internet marketing metrics Measures that indicate the effectiveness of Internet marketing activities in meeting customer, business and marketing objectives. In this section, we will review approaches to performance management by examining three key elements of an Internet marketing measurement system. These are, first, the process for improvement, secondly, the measurement framework which specifies groups of relevant Internet marketing metrics and, finally, an assessment of the suitability of tools and techniques for collecting, analysing, disseminating and actioning results. We will review four stages of creating and implementing a performance management system.

Fine Clickscom is a division of Shareasalecom Inc an affiliate network detailed later in this chapter

The interface is FAST and very easy to use. I especially like the 'Revenue Bar' at the top of the page, that give current stats for Own Revenue, Referral Revenue, Carry Over, YTD, and Referral Clicks. Commission Junction has something similar, that is actually more descriptive, but being on the right side of the page, seems slightly less apparent. Super Affiliate Handbook I particularly like how easy it is to use their email system. In some affiliate network interfaces, you have to turn off email notifications for each individual merchant that you have an alliance with. With, 3 clicks and you're done All in all, FineClick's interface is very similar in functionality to that of Commission Junction. The only real drawback I've seen at FineClicks is their relatively small number of offers and brand name merchants. That will hopefully change in time. FineClicks Affiliate SignUp http FineClicks Merchant SignUp http

Success For Affiliate Managers

Success For Affiliate Managers

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