Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

To increase the click-through rate of your ads, I recommend that you use dynamic keyword insertion. When you set up your Ad Groups, you write one ad for an entire group of keywords, as shown in Figure 5.3.2.b. The problem with this is that since you only have one ad, you can't use your all of your keywords in the ad copy; this then negatively affects your click-through rate.

To get around this problem, Google created dynamic keyword insertion. This allows you to dynamically insert your keyword into your ad copy when a user's search query contains that keyword.

To use dynamic keyword insertion use the following syntax in your ad:

Figure 6.4.2.c Google Dynamic Keyword Insertion Example

{Keyword:Default Ad Text)

Read {KeyWord Default Ad Text} online Free 30 Day Trial Sign up Today! r-webs ite.c om/

Let's break this example down a little further:

{KeyWord:Default Ad Text} acts as a place holder for your keyword. When your ad is triggered for a keyword in your Ad Group, {KeyWord:Default Ad Text} is replaced with your keyword. If your keyword exceeds the character limit, the Default Ad Text is used (you specify what the default ad text is).

For example, if you were using dynamic keyword insertion and somebody searched for DaVinci Code, {KeyWord:Default Ad Text} would be replaced with the keyword DaVinci Code as shown in this example:

Figure 6.4.2.d Google Dynamic Keyword Insertion Example

DaVinci Code

Read DaVinci Code online Free 30 Day Thal Sign up Today! r-webs it e.c om/

Many new advertisers will create separate Ad Groups for each keyword, rather than use dynamic keyword insertion. This creates unnecessary Ad Groups, and also makes your account difficult to manage. For large groups of related keywords you should always use dynamic keyword insertion.

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