Use a Prebuilt Website Template

If you lack design skills, but want a professionally designed website at a reasonable price, I highly recommend using a pre-built template. These website templates come complete with home page designs, sub-page designs, stock photography, and fonts. All you have to do is edit the copy!

If you are going to use a website template, I highly recommend using an HTML editor like Dreamweaver or Frontpage. It's much easier to work with a template using an editor than it is trying to understand the underlying HTML source code.

When you buy a web template, you're allowed to modify it or customize it in any way. If you want to change the layout, colors, fonts or images, just use your favorite editor to make changes.

My favorite destination for website templates is Template Monster (

Template Monster charges between $19-$89 (USD) for professionally designed web templates. When you're previewing the templates you can see how many times a particular template has been downloaded. You also have the option to buy the exclusive rights to a specific template, which guarantees that you will be the last person to buy that template.

Template Monster currently has over 8,000 web templates available, and is adding between 150-200 new designs monthly. Template Monster has teamed up with a company called Template Tuning (, which converts predesigned web templates into unique web sites. Their rates vary by project and can range from as little as $40 to as much as $1,000, depending on the customizations that you make. A complete price sheet is available at

I've used Template Monster's web templates on several occasions. I'm not a graphic artist and often struggle to build good looking websites. I use pre-built templates to save both time and money.

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