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As I mentioned earlier in Section 3.3.4, the Meta Keywords tag is no longer a factor in ranking web pages. However, the Meta Description tag is often used as the summary text in search results. If you look at figure 5.1.2.b above, you will see the following summary from my website:

Learn the insider secrets and proven strategies that I used to make OVER $1,000,000 online last year through affiliate marketing.

This exact same text appears in the Meta Description tag on my home page. Sometimes the search engines will not use your Meta Description for their summary. In some instances they may scan your page and automatically write their own summary based on your page content. There is no way to guarantee what summary text the search engines will use for your site. However, if you use the Meta Description tag you can at least have some influence over how your listing is displayed.

Basic SEO Explained

Basic SEO Explained

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