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To use keyword tracking with Commission Junction you must add the SID (Shopper ID) field to your affiliate links. The SID field allows you to track keywords and variables up to 64 characters long.

For more information about the SID field login to CJ and reference the help section

You may have already noticed the SID field while you were generating affiliate links for one of your merchants. The graphic below shows the page where you generate links in CJ (The SID field is highlighted)

Figure A.2

Figure A.2

To use the SID field, enter a keyword into the SID form on the get links page and click the Update HTML button. When you do this CJ automatically ads the SID field to your affiliate link. See the link example below:

As you can see CJ appended ?SID=keyword to the end of my affiliate link.

After you have generated your affiliate link with the SID field, you can copy and paste the link into your web page.

For this example, we will continue to use my Dating Site Critic website. Below is an affiliate link for eHarmony:

<a href=" 0 9 9 98-308382 9?SID=keyword">Go to eHarmony</a>

If somebody were to click on this link and buy a subscription to eHarmony, the text "keyword" would show up in my sales report, so we need to replace SID=keyword with something more meaningful. This is where PHP comes in.

We can use PHP to pull out the keyword value from our Destination URLs and put those keyword values into our affiliate links. To do this you replace SID=keyword with this PHP code snippet:

This little snippet of PHP code will extract the keyword value from our Destination URL and insert it into our affiliate link.

Commission Junction SID Example File:

If you would like to see how the SID field is implemented on a sample web page visit:

(you must download and unzip the file to see the php example - *the file is named landing_page.php)

Commission Junction Reporting

Once you have added the SID field to your Commission Junction affiliate links you can view your detailed transactions by running a Transaction Report. You will notice a column titled SID. This column will show you the keywords that were appended to your affiliate link.

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