Super Affiliate Handbook

terminated, forfeiting all outstanding referral fees. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated. However, do not get this confused with PROPER WAYS to promote our products. Please recommend the course in your autoresponders, in a personal email to your clientele base, your lead lists, people that contact you and you stay in touch with, a newsletter list, at your website, even in appropriate email discussion list, etc. This is not spamming.

=================== General Information ===================

If there is any confusion, please email our customer service department at [email protected].

Our mailing address if you need it is:

Connected Satellite

4801 E. Indian School Road

Suite 2

Phoenix, Arizona 85018

602.957.7850 (within Arizona) 888.251.0055 (nationwide toll free)

Take care and best of luck, Ira Feuerstein President - Connected Satellite

Enough for now. Tomorrow I will send some information about banner and text advertising.

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