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Here are two emails that I received just recently...

Dear Rosalind:

Is there any affiliate work you can start without having a web site and just a url, or do you need a web page first? (I received some advice that you could be an affiliate without an actual web page)

Thank you, Vaughn Kauffman


I enjoy your newsletters and your very helpful website. I am dead set on making it in Internet business but I don't know any HTML code. Is that necessary for setting up an affiliate program?

I appreciate your help!

Best Regards, Steve Neville

Well, like Vaughn and Steve, I'm always on the lookout for new income streams that can generate profits without a lot of work.

Unfortunately, most of the 'ready-made' business sites that I've come across to date haven't impressed me as being particularly user- or visitor-friendly. Most are also much too expensive for what was being offered.

There is one 'pre-fab' affiliate marketing business that I CAN recommend however, and that business is CBMall.

Most programs have only one way you make money. You send them traffic, and they close the sale (hopefully). The best of them will add another stream with some follow-up emails which is much better.

But CBmall actually has 15 different ways to make you money and CBmall does virtually all the work. All you need to do is drive traffic to your URL.

The 'CB' in CBmall stands for ClickBank, and I love Clickbank! It sells nothing but digitally downloadable information products, which are the hottest selling products on the 'Net!

CBmall offers thousands of the top-selling, most popular products from the ClickBank network. These are the best of the best, and they got there because they convert browsers into buyers.

Clickbank's own Marketplace is quite difficult to sift through if you are looking for good products to sell. The beauty and brilliance of CBMall therfefore, is that CBMA11 makes all the best of Clickbank's products easy accesible in one place.

Here are some examples CBmall's ease-of-use, automation and support:

* You don't need a web site

* No HTML required

* Plenty of marketing ideas and bonuses

* Built-in affiliate program

* ClickBank handles all the credit card processing

* Jeff Mulligan offers TONS of fast and friendly support

* Newsletters and eCourses that make YOU money

* Automated income streams all over the place

To learn more CBMall, sign up for Jeffs free eCourse called: 15 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money. The course details the power and sophistication behind CBmall. Understand this, and you'll see why CBmall represents a new trend in affiliate programs.

You'll also see some major names in Internet Marketing on the testimonial page at CBmall. Terry Dean called CBmall, "the perfect second stream of income", which is pretty high praise.

As a FIRST stream of Internet income, CBMall could help you make some cash while you learn all about the affiliate marketing business.

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Ezine Marketing Crash Course

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