Debunking the 6 Biggest Internet Marketing Myths

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In every myth there is an element of truth. Read the sections below to discover the grain of truth in all of these Internet marketing myths.

Myth #1: Internet Marketing is EASY

Nothing worth doing in life or in business is ever 'easy'. Internet marketing takes time and effort, and anyone who suggests otherwise is selling fluff.

Having said that, relative to building a brick and mortar business, starting an Internet marketing business IS comparatively 'easy'. With an affiliate marketing business there's no inventory to carry, no shipping of goods and virtually no overhead. Affiliate marketing eliminates the cost of production, construction and employees.

So, while there is work involved in building and marketing an Internet business, doing business just doesn't get much easier than doing it online.

Myth #2: ANYONE Can Make Money Online Nope. Simply not true.

Someone who never gets off the couch to learn anything about Internet marketing will not make money on the Web. Nor will the individual who reads the entire Internet marketing encyclopedia but never puts a viable plan into action.

This myth becomes reality if you add the word 'almost' to the front of that statement.

For example, I never would have started a business had it not been for the 'Net. Because I could see that starting an online business would be relatively simple and inexpensive, I decided to give it a try. Many thousands of others have done the same for the same reasons. As such, many people who otherwise would NOT be in business at all, ARE doing business on the 'Net.

Myth #3: You Can "GET RICH QUICK" On the Net!

Other than by lottery or inheritance, there is no such thing as 'get rich quick'.

Once again however, relative to a typical offline business, you can be making good money online in surprisingly little time. It just won't happen overnight as some unscrupulous marketers promise.

By the way, chasing 'get rich quick* schemes is almost always a waste of time and money.

Concentrate instead on building a business that gives your customers what they want and need. By focusing on customer satisfaction, you will build a solid reputation and an enduring, successful business that allows you to pursue the lifestyle of your dreams.

Myth #4: It's FREE to Do Business Online How I wish that were true!

If we changed the statement to read, "It doesn't cost MUCH to do business online', it would be completely accurate.

Compared with building a warehouse or leasing office space in downtown New York, Internet business start-up and maintenance costs are incredibly low. Once setup is complete, the only ongoing costs you'll have are your Internet connection, continuing education, and advertising costs.

Myth #5: It's TOO LATE to Start an Internet Business

I often hear the following questions from skeptics, 'Isn't it too late to start an Internet business?' and 'Hasn't it already been done'?

The Iess-than-patient part of me wants to answer, "Yup, it's too late. Anyone and everyone with thoughts of starting an Internet business should just pack up, go home and forget it. Come back again after all the current netpreneurs have retired."

You won't hear me complain about having less competition!

The truth however is that it's rarely, if ever, too late to start anything.

Think about it. Has every song been sung? Have all the books been written? There are millions of restaurants, clothing stores and gift shops in the world. Is it too late to open another?

Super Affiliate Handbook What you need to figure out is whether there is a market for your product. And where markets are concerned, there is no place like the Internet.

Take a look at some of the results from a research report by eTForecasts:

• The number of Internet users surpassed 530 million in 2001 and will continue to grow strongly in the next five years.

• By the end of 2005 the number of worldwide Internet users will double to 1.12 BILLION people. That is one HUGE marketplace and it's getting bigger every day!

• Online sales amounted to twenty billion dollars in each of the first two quarters of 2002.

• In 2002, online sales grew 52% over 2001 to $78 billion.

• The Online Publishers Associate reported consumer spending on online content in the US totaled USD 1.3 billion in 2002, marking an increase of 95 percent compared with 2001. The Personals/Dating category surpassed both Business/Investments and Entertainment/Lifestyles to become the largest paid content category in 2002 with USD302 million in revenues, up from USD72 million in 2001.

eCommerce sales in Q1 2003 reached $24 billion, a 20% jump over Q1 2002 sales of $20 billion - despite the shaky retail climate.

• Forrester research predicts 2003 sales to grow by at least 25% over 2002.

Although 'most' people are still hesitant to give their credit card numbers online, as Internet shopping becomes commonplace, more and more people will be clicking 'Buy it Now!' buttons.

Forrester research predicts online sales to stay strong in 2003 because 6.8 million US households will shop online for the first time this year and free shipping offers percentage-off deals will keep motivating consumers to buy from online merchants.

The reality is that anyone with a product that is marketable online should start an Internet!

Myth #6: The BIG Money Talk is JUST HYPE Hype? Sure, there's plenty of hype out there!

I look at it this way, though. Wherever there's hype, there's an element of truth. You just need to uncover the truth behind the incredible claims, and get to work digging it up.

'Big money' is entirely possible. These are a few of my deposit amounts to just ONE of my US dollar business accounts.

2001 - December

2002 - January 2002 - February 2002 - March 2002 - April

$34,414.79 $56,719.56 $35,045.09 $34,924.18 $29,527.96

If you are willing to take the necessary action to make 'big money' happen for you - it will. Or you can criticize and be skeptical and sure that 'big money' can't happen for you - and it won't.

To summarize, while the 'Net is rife with many mythical tales of fame and fortune, the truth of the matter is that the stories aren't that far-fetched. Inject just a little common sense into the equation and you might see an opportunity to find your pot of gold.

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