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QuickBooks University is a very special program that provides you with all you need to know about the QuickBooks software. It comes with a lot of help to assist you in all situations and this is all in terms of academic knowledge. This program has been saving people from all the trouble of classwork. With the QuickBooks University videos, you will be able to properly understand all you need to know in your area of specialty and very quickly at that. This product is readily available in many video formats for full comfort. You can just pick the format you so desire and begin immediately to use the guide and study the software. You can simply get the guide by paying for it, which will follow an email sent to you with the links to download the videos. The learning process is very easy to follow and for the fact that it is an application, there should be little or no problems encountered when you follow the instructions critically. That should encourage you further. The tasks in the videos are properly explained and the videos guide you appropriately and you can easily comprehend. You will begin to learn how to go about everything quickly. And with time and constant practice, you will be very familiar and would have mastered the QuickBooks software. Read more...

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Accounting Software

Running any business requires good bookkeeping. Although accounting software is entirely optional, if you dislike bookkeeping as much as I do, Quicken might be just the right answer for you. Unlike some other accounting programs, Quicken is very easy to learn. Making entries is like using a checkbook. Even better, you can save time and energy by downloading information from your business bank account directly into the program. Save money on bookkeeping. Buy Quicken or any other good accounting program to keep track of your business. Quicken Accounting Software

Generating profit is a straightforward and very doable process Identify a great niche service and its target group

For example, a general tax accountant may attract traffic only from his local area. The majority of his clients like the peace of mind afforded by being able to drop off important documents to the office or they prefer to discuss delicate financial matters face-to-face. Contrast this with an international tax accountant who specializes in tax sheltered investments for the wealthy. His clients could come from anywhere in the world and communication could all be done by e-mail, fax, or courier.

Looking for your market Go where they go

For example, if you're looking for accountants, maybe what you really want is a tax accountant, or an accountant who specializes in bankruptcy. It can make a huge difference. You can stop wasting time on poorly qualified prospects and concentrate your time and energy on the very best, most highly qualified markets.

Using Search Results for Competitive Intelligence

A wealth of data is available from simply looking at the search results. When you search for the queries you're targeting, you can see exactly what sites the search engines think are the most relevant for those queries, and how they stack up. You don't know, of course, what the conversion data is like for those sites, but you can click over and see what the searcher workflow experience is like. (We'll be discussing the searcher workflow experience more in Chapter 4.) Look, for instance, at the search results for accounting software (see Figure 2.27). The related searches tell us that many searchers are looking for Microsoft accounting software, so they are clearly a top-of-mind brand for potential customers. The top three brands Google lists in results are QuickBooks, Peachtree, and Sage. Those are the primary brands you'll be competing with in search and in brand mindshare among searchers. Looking at those top three pages that rank organically, we can see that the QuickBooks page has...

Step 1 Identify Twenty Candidates

If you are identifying companies in your area, your banker, insurance provider, accountant, and attorney are all good places to start. As you continue to compile your list, remember to ask others in your network for suggestions. Ask people in your professional organizations as well. Even if they are competitors, you may receive suggestions that you may not have otherwise considered. Others you could ask include your mentors or those you have mentored, college contacts, members of organizations to which you belong, current or former clients, anyone you have referred, former coworkers, and other family or friends.

Professional Advisors

Unless you are fully trained, several aspects of running a company require specialist advice, particularly accounting, legal, and intellectual property issues. Many of them you will only need from time to time. It is a good idea to build up a shortlist of lawyers and accountants you can call upon at short notice. Depending on country and turnover, you may need to submit a formal set of audited accounts. These need to be signed off as correct by a qualified accountant who knows the regulations and mechanisms by which the annual audit must be completed. An accountant's role is to make sure you conform to the current financial legislation, to advise you on how to reduce your tax charge, and to avoid costly mistakes. One of their first tasks will be to advise you as to when your tax year should run from to give you the maximum tax advantage and reduce the amount of necessary paperwork. This is because in most countries your first tax year can be longer than a year. Subsequently, the start...

Different views of price

The accountant tends to concentrate on the relationship between costs of production and the need to provide a certain return on capital invested with the final price that is to be charged. Cash flow is a major concern of all accountants and as such, price decisions can influence the volume of an item that is sold over time. For example, pricing bikinis at 8.99 each may mean that the entire stock is sold within four weeks of launch within a retail outlet. A higher price of 12.99 may mean that the same goal of selling all the stock takes eight weeks. Admittedly, in the latter case an extra 4.00 profit per pair has been

Our sense of what something is worth is not derived from its intrinsic value

Branding expert, accountant, manager oh, and you'd have to try to figure out what to charge people for your products and services. This last task, in particular can be a very daunting task unless you have the tools to build effective, profitable, and incentive-driven price lists.

Conflictmanagement Strategy

Another franchiser agrees to furnish accounting services and financial analysis as a regular part of his service. The franchisee believes that the accountant is nothing more than a glorified bookkeeper and that the financial analysis consists of several pages of ratios that are incomprehensible.

Click Bank Success Story 8 James Martell

I mean I bought my, about 18 months ago, two years ago I guess now, I've always had this dream of buying, you know every guy pretty much, and a lot of girls have this car that they always want to have. So I've had the opportunity a couple of years ago to phone my accountant and say, you know what, I think, can I actually afford to buy this now And I went out and I bought a 19. I actually had it hand built, I don't know if anybody watches this overhauling or one of these shows where you see these guys build cars from the ground up. I built a 1965 Shelby Cobra. And all thanks to you know, ClickBank and these types of programs where you can just earn income off the net. It's been unbelievable.

Open Questions

Open questions allow the respondent to answer whatever they want (for example, What do you like best about accounting software ). Open questions are invaluable when the interrogator is trawling for ideas (for example, Which features do you most frequently use ). They are less successful when you want to find out

Market the smart way

Iii) Match marketing strategies to your target group and your business. Remember our earlier example about the two tax accountants, one local and one global in nature The local bean counter should place ads (which include his Web site's URL) on local community bulletin boards, in the local newspaper, etc. -- great locations for the general tax accountant to market his services. The other more specialized accountant would be better served placing his ads (with URL) in well-known financial investment e-zines or magazines that have a broad circulation base, and through Pay-Per-Click Search Engines. The two, however, benefit from some common techniques, too -- all covered in the coming DAYS. As well, both accountants will profit from offering a free opt-in newsletter off their Web sites. A good benefit-focused newsletter e-zine builds a familiar and credible relationship with subscribers. (Don't worry about these details right now. I'll walk you through everything later in the course.)

Tracking Your Sales

There are many ways to keep track of your sales. Using orthodox methods such as keeping a paper journal is time consuming. Simple spreadsheet programs as well as basic accounting software are available at minimum or no cost. However, it is advisable to install advanced accounting software such as QuickBooks, Quicken, or Microsoft Money to keep track of your accounting.

Sharing Success

Proportionate rewards are especially important where the form of recognition is financial. Your accountant will be asking some very pertinent questions if you show signs of being philanthropic. Yet bonuses (for completion ahead of schedule or sales targets met) need to be clearly separated from salary. In most instances bonuses are more productive than a pay raise. Increases in salary quickly become taken for granted. They diminish the link between work and achievement and become a fixed cost for years to come.

Corporate Stability

If the firm is dicey, don't assume that only you and your accountant know it. Your suppliers will know about it. Your clients will know about it. Even the office cleaner will know about it. Potential instability saps morale, particularly among those who place a premium on security.

Joint marketing

A dentist agrees to recommend or endorse an accountant to each of his dental customers. In exchange, the accountant pays a commission to the dentist for each new customer which results from the agreement. Again, both win. The accountant gets more customers, and the dentist makes money on the side merely for endorsing the accountant.

Special reports

Offering a free report is a powerful way to get people to respond to your ads, especially if you make the report subject matter highly interesting and with obvious value. For example, an insurance seller might state in an ad 'Free Report How to Get Your Insurance Provider to Pay a Claim They Have Already Rejected.' Or, an accountant can use 'How to Save 1,500 on Taxes, Guaranteed .' Or, a car dealer might try 'Ten Ways to Tell if a Used Car is Junk '

Joint ventures

A joint venture can be as simple as exchanging e-mail lists with another company, or piggy back mailings - to developing deeper relationships with others to help you both sell more products. The basic idea is to get access to each other's customers. A car dealer gives a gift voucher for a free steak dinner at a local restaurant with the purchase of a car. An accountant writes a letter to all his clients endorsing an attorney, or vice versa. A clothing store places mannequins dressed in pyjamas in a mattress seller's shop. McDonald's sells Coke with its burgers - it's a classic joint venture. The possibilities are endless. Everywhere you go, every business you visit is a potential idea for cooperation. Chance favours the prepared mind

Accounting Systems

Unless you are selling some very highly priced custom-made software and just sending out the odd invoice each month, you really need accounting software. It more than pays for itself by speeding up the computation of wages and invoice dispatch and shortening the time it takes to produce statutory tax returns such as VAT TVA in Europe and state tax in the United States. A good accounting package will allow you to customize invoices to your requirements and deal with any issues specific to your organization. It often speeds things up to no end if you use the same accounts software as your accountants. Then data can be transmitted in real time. I strongly recommend that you get your accounts software up and running long before your software hits the streets. This will give you time to get to know it and record all the money you have spent before then.

Site Owner

Check Statistics - When I first started out, I checked my stats hourly, and sometimes more often. Because I'm now so familiar with the income 'trends', I check only 'key partner sites' daily to give me an indication of how my business as a whole is performing. I recommend that you check your statistics daily until you've been at it long enough to know what to expect day by day and week by week. Simply visit the statistics interface for each network and individual affiliate partner and input your total revenues into Quicken or other accounting software. Using Quicken frequently will also keep you informed as to whether certain checks have become overdue.

Valuing the Firm

Certain factors help to establish a ballpark price, such as what similar firms in your sector have fetched, and how extrapolations of their profitability, overheads, and debt compare. Your accountant will say it is arithmetic and there are formulas. Your lawyers will say it is the law and there are precedents. You and your buyer will know that the endgame is nothing short of poker, unless, of course, you are a publicly quoted company who can put a market value on your ever-fluctuating worth. At the end of the day it will all come down to what you and the buyer agree to. Before you even discuss the figure with anyone else, you must have worked out the bottom line figure for yourself. Consider what you have invested in money and time, and what profits you can expect shortly. Add your assets, both material and human, and your developments in progress. Try your valuation on your accountant. In negotiations never say I guess my company must be worth X. Say It is worth X for the following...

Mobile Applications

Although they've been made famous by Apple's App Store, downloadable mobile applications have been around since Palm and Treo launched the first PDA's and smart phones. The first mobile applications were almost universally aimed at improving personal productivity, with text-editing programs, calculators, alarms, reminders, and simple accounting programs. Now, thanks to the surge in demand for more capable smart phones, and third-party developers, the variety and quality of mobile applications has improved quite a bit.

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